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American English Courses in New York or Miami USA

Students of the American English course in New York, USA

English courses in New York

Duration: 1 to 52 weeks
Season: any
Program Start: Courses start every Monday (see “Key Points”)
Program Fee: From $255/wk (depends on length and intensity)
Age: 18+
Student Status: not required
Participants from: All countries
When to apply: Min 8 weeks before intended start
Paid: n/a (Work & Travel participants, see “How it works”)


This is a general English course designed for both the serious student who wishes to pursue business or advanced study in the USA and the traveler who wishes to combine survival English with sightseeing. Both visa and non-visa courses are available. Lessons, available from beginners to the advanced level, are enhanced with teacher-led excursions, cultural activities and guided tours.

Exciting locations
Forget the boring language classes you took at high school! Select New York City, the never sleeping melting pot of cultures, full of its bustling business life, museums and Broadway theaters. Or the sun-kissed tropical paradise of Miami with its world-famous beaches and night clubs. What a way to learn English!

Learn more than elsewhere
In average, only 6 – 8 students per class! Other schools frequently have 10 – 15 students per class. Classes last 55 minutes! Compared to schools where they last just 40 minutes, you learn 38% more for your money!

First-class teachers
The teachers are all native speakers of English, have University degrees and most of them have lived, studied and/or worked in a foreign country. All instruction and course materials are in English. The focus is on four skills: Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing. Teachers speak 15% of the class time and students speak 85% of the time.

Exciting add-on courses
Add them to your basic course:

  • Fluency and Oral Production
  • Error Correction
  • American Idioms
  • American film & English in the Media
  • Fashion English
  • English for Filmmaking/Acting (intensive)
  • Intro to Jazz English
  • Jazz Piano English
  • Make-Up Artistry English
  •  Salsa Latin Dancing English
  • Culinary English
  • and many more!

Experiential Approach
English through American films, error correction, idioms and phrasal verbs and writing and pronunciation. In the evenings and on weekends, enjoy an extensive calendar of teacher-led activities including educational, cultural and social outings, sports events, museum trips, free English workshops, night clubs and more.

International schoolmates
In 2010 the student body was represented as follows: Korea 16% Japan 7% France 9% Brazil 6% Germany 7%  Switzerland 3% Italy 11% Spain 19% Sweden 2% Netherlands 2%. Overall, the student body is as diverse as New York City and comes from more than 50 countries each year. English classes are multi-national and no other languages may be spoken in the classroom.

Non-visa course
Going to the USA for vacations, business trip, or perhaps the Work & Travel program? Choose the 16-hour/week “Vacation ‘n Learn” option and just start learning. Student visa not required!

Apply with a friend
This program allows you to easily apply with friend or even a group of friends. Simply book the same dates and location and you are done. If you want to save, you can book twin rooms to stay together, or if you are a group coming for a longer course, you could even rent an apartment together.

How it works

How the program works
from application to arrival

Non-visa courses

You don’t need a student visa for courses under 16 hours per week. This means that you can take such a course using any other visa, such as the tourist visa (B2 Visitor), business visa, Work & Travel visa, or even just the ESTA travel authorization if you are a citizen of a non-visa country. After you are accepted for the program and paid the fees, you receive Confirmation of Acceptance. If you booked one, the accommodation department will also start arranging your accommodation. If you wish for a taxi to wait for you at the airport, you must supply your arrival details at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival. It is ideal to schedule your arrival for Saturday or Sunday around the noon time or before. That way, even if your flight is delayed, which happens quite often, you reduce the likelihood of arriving late at night. On Monday morning at 8:15am, you will start your course.

Visa courses

You need the F1 Student Visa to take a course over 16 hours per week. This means that you must apply for the visa before you go. It also means that if you are already in the USA on a different non-immigrant visa, you can not take one of these courses. Check with your nearest US Embassy how long it will take you to get the F1 visa and adjust your plans accordingly. Otherwise, the procedure is the same as for non-visa courses above, just mark in your application that you need the I20 form. You can not apply for the F1 student visa without it.

where you can go

The American English Course is available in New York City, NY and in South Beach Miami, FL.

New York

New York, also called the “Big Apple”, doesn’t need to be introduced. Landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, United Nations, Empire State Building, and Times Square are world renown. As are theaters on Broadway, Central Park, museums, restaurants, fashion and shopping districts that are the target of th school-organized excursions. Unlike many other American cities, New York is a walking city with an extensive network of public transportation to travel by subway, bus and a well-developed system of taxis. If you ever wanted to visit New York anyway, give yourself a treat and take you English course here in the “city that never sleeps”.


When you see a photograph of Miami, odds are that it depicts the South Beach. It is probably most recognizably “Miami” – with its candy colored Art Deco buildings set against a pure South Florida backdrop of cloudless skies, dazzling blue ocean, pale sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and the average number of sunny days – 300 annually. The school’s office is located on the 150 acre gated campus of St. Thomas University in Northwest Miami halfway between downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale; a 25 minute car ride away from world famous South Beach where courses are also held. Compare all this with taking a language course back at home!

which one to choose

This program can offer you a wide range of accommodation from self-catering student residency to a full-board homestay with an American family. You are, of course, free to arrange your own accommodation.

Home Stay – the best for learning

Home Stay with a local family is the best choice for learning the language! You will be talking with the family members in the morning as you get up, during breakfast and then in the evening. This is not like talking in a class at school! In school, you can reply “I don’t know”. In human conversation, you have to somehow say what you mean. Staying with a family, you really practice your language skills, pick up new words and listen to the  correct accent.

Student Residence

They are available in New York YMCAs. Many students prefer to choose a residential option as this allows much more independence and evenings with young crowd.

Self-Arranged Accommodation

You are free to arrange your own accommodation. Maybe you have friends or relatives who live in New York or Miami with whom you can stay for free. Or perhaps you are applying as a group of friends and will rent a cheap apartment together.

how to choose one

All participants are required to prove they have sufficient insurance coverage before they are accepted for the program. You will either select the sponsor-arranged insurance in your program application, or you will enclose a proof of your own insurance, including the coverage schedule – in English.

The advantage of the sponsor-arranged insurance is that it’s a US insurance and US medical facilities can easily contact the insurance company to verify your coverage. The advantage of an insurance arranged by yourself in your home country is that you can deal with your insurance company in your native language in case of problems. Buying your insurance while at home, but from a strong international insurance company with solid presence in Britain, gives you the best of both.

APEX Foundation is not involved in arranging the insurance in any way and can not offer any kind of support regarding insurance whatsoever.

Paid Work
alongside the course

Holders of the F1 Student Visa are not allowed to work in the USA! So if you’d like to work, you’d have to have a different visa than the F1, one that allows you to work. Just keep in mind that if you are in the USA on a visa other than the F1, you can not study for more than 16 hours a week.

For example: University students can get the J1 Work & Travel visa, which allows them to work in the USA full-time during their summer vacations. In this scenario, you could find yourself work in New York and take the 16hr/wk Vacation ‘n Learn variant of the American English Course. Living and working in New York for 3 months while attending a language school is guaranteed to improve your English enormously, especially if combined with staying with an American family.

Work & Study

If you’re looking for an English & Work combination try either Australia, where language students are allowed to work for up-to 20 hours per week and job interviews can be arranged for you by the school. Or if you are an EU citizen, we can recommend the UK, where you have working rights. All language courses are listed here, or mouse-over the “All by Country menu” above and explore programs sorted by the destination country.

Key Points


  • 1 to 52 weeks, your choice


  • New York City, NY
  • Miami, FL

Students per class:

  • Average 6 – 8
  • Max. 10

Class duration:

  • 50 minutes

Class types:

  • Vacation & Learn: 16 hrs/wk, Mo-Thu, morning or afternoon tuition (student visa not needed)
  • Rapid Progress 20: 20 hrs/wk, Mo-Fri, morning or afternoon tuition
  • Rapid Progress 30: 30 hrs/wk, Mo-Fri, morning and afternoon tuition
  • Optional VIP one-on-one classes
  • Combinations of  normal classes with one-on-one class

Start dates:

  • Every Monday, except for the school close dates shown below
  • Beginners start on the first Monday in a month

School close dates:

  • All locations will be closed on the following 2013 holidays, for which there is no compensation for group instruction hours lost:
  • February 18, May 27, July 4, September 2, November 28, 29, December 29-27, January 1, 2014.

Required visas:

  • Courses over 16hrs/wk – F1 student visa
  • Courses under 16hrs/wk any visa, including B2 tourist visa or the ESTA online travel authorization

When to apply:

  • 8 weeks prior to your desired course start, if you use ESTA, tourist visa, or if you already have a visa
  • If you are going to apply for the F1 visa, check with your local USA embassy how long it will take to get your F1 visa and add that period to the 8 weeks.

Paid work permission:

  • Students of language courses are NOT allowed to get paid work in the USA!
  • Work & Travel USA participants, see the lower end of the “How it works” panel.


  • Home Stay with American families
  • Student residencies
  • Your own-sourced accommodation
  • See the “How it works” tab for more details
  • See the “Prices” tab for the costs


  • You must be insured to participate
  • Buy the school-arranged insurance
  • Or enclose a proof of your own, in English
  • Find more details on the “How it works” tab
  • APEX Foundation can not offer support with insurance


Age: Min 18
Student status: none required
Experience: n/a
Required languages: English
Required level: From the Beginner* up
Nationality: Nationals of all countries are eligible
Type of visa: over 16hrs/wk F1 student visa, otherwise any visa or just ESTA

*Beginners do not start every Monday. They start the first Monday in a month.
**Language placement test and assessment, carried out on day one, ensures that all students are in the right class and improve quickly.


Application Processing Fee (non-refundable): $50
  • Processing your program application
  • Processing your payments to the program sponsor (school)
  • Transferring materials and communication between you and your program sponsor until your departure for the USA
  • Responding to your email questions until your departure for the USA
  • Check APEX Foundation Terms & Conditions for more details
Registration Fee (non-refundable): $155
charged by the school:
  • Proves your firm intention to take up the course
Program Fee (Tuition):
prices in $ per week

Tuition for American English Courses:

New York City hrs/wk 1-6 wks 7-11 wks 12-19 wks 20+ wks
Rapid Progress 30 30 428 402 378 325
Rapid Progress 20 20 350 326 299 280
Vacation & Learn 16 350 326
Miami (S. Beach) hrs/wk 1-6 wks 7-11 wks 12-19 wks 20+ wks
Rapid Progress 30 30 385 375 355 300
Rapid Progress 20 20 309 290 275 255
Vacation & Learn 16 309 290

– Optional VIP one-on-one class: $105/hr in New York, $90/hr in South Beach, book min. 5hrs.
– Optional Elective courses (listed on the “Overview” tab): please inquire about their prices.

Prices include:

  • Enrollment on the program
  • Initial test, evaluation and class placement
  • Tuition for the chosen course option and number of weeks
  • Monitoring and support throughout the placement (24-hour emergency support)
  • Course evaluation and Certificate of Completion
Miscellaneous fees:
various other charges
  • Study Materials: $69 – Includes first set of books, unlimited broadband access, WIFI and student identification card.
  • Express Delivery $85 – Optional – Rush mail fee for I-20s and other forms.
  • All bank and similar fees associated with transferring funds, regardless of the direction of such transfer, are always born by the program participant/applicant.
prices in $ per week

Many accommodation options are available. Only prices of the most affordable ones are listed. Check the “How it works” tab for detailed explanation of accommodation options.

Booking Fee (non-refundable): $95
One-time non-refundable charge for booking the accommodation you selected.

Home Stay Accommodation
Minimum stay for Home Stay accommodation is 2 weeks.

HomeStay Single room + breakfast Double room
New York, Manhattan 505/wk n/a
New York, Queens/Brooklyn 350/wk 245/wk
Miami S. Beach areas 335/wk n/a

New York – Student Residence Halls:

  • The De Hirsch Residence at the 92nd Street YMCA: Minimum stay is 28 days.
    Single Room: 489/wk
  • Vanderbilt YMCA/West Side YMCA: Maximum stay is 90 days. Doubles are for two students arriving together.
    Single Room: 475/wk, Double Room: 360/wk per person
  • Brandon Residence for Women: Single Room: 400/wk

Miami – Apartments:

Single room Double room
South Beach Studios 465/wk n/a
South Beach Executive ApartHotel 575/wk 385/wk per person
  • Rates include 13% hotel tax.
  • Students must be at least 18 years old to stay in apartments.
  • Apartments require a refundable $300 security deposit.
  • Students arrive on a Sunday and depart on a Saturday.
  • Weekly rate surcharge may apply during holiday periods.

Meal Plans
Meals are NOT included in the price of accommodation, except where specifically listed. However, students in New York may add meal plans to their stay. Meal tickets may be redeemed for food Monday to Friday at local eateries. Tickets are non-refundable. Price in U.S. dollars.

  • Breakfast: 20/wk
  • Lunch: 40/wk
Arrival Transfer
  • Airport Transfer Miami/SoBe $120 – Optional – One-way transfer to or from Miami airport.
  • Airport Transfer Manhattan $175 – Optional – One-way transfer to or from Manhattan to Newark, LaGuardia, JFK airports.
  • Airport Transfer: Brooklyn/Queens $210 – Optional – One-way transfer to or from Brooklyn/Queens to Newark, LaGuardia, JFK airports.

*It is your responsibility to inform us of your arrival details minimum 14 working days prior to the transfer! Failing this, the transfer may not be provided as requested/paid. Arrival details include: arrival date, arrival airport, the airline, flight number and arrival time.

Cancellations & Refunds
if you have to cancel

Non-refundable items:

  • $50 Application Processing Fee
  • $155 Registration Fee – may be applied to booking this course again during the same calendar year.
  • $95 Accommodation booking fee
  • All other charges are also non-refundable, unless specifically listed below

Tuition and Study Materials:

Prior to Start Date

  • More than 14 days notice: full refund of tuition and study materials fee.
  • Less than 14 days notice: tuition and study materials fee less $345 will be refunded.
  • Visa refusal: Cancellation request must be accompanied by official visa refusal letter issued by the US embassy and delivered no less than 3 business days before the original scheduled course start date. If these conditions are met, full refund of tuition and study materials fee will be issued, otherwise no refund will be issued.

After classes begin

  • No refunds or changes for courses lasting 4 weeks or less.
  • All cancellations or requests of change require at least 4 weeks notice.
  • Cancellations after the 4th week, but before the mid-point of the course: pro-rated amount at non-discounted rate is retained.
  • Cancellations after the 4th week, but after the mid-point of the course: no refund
  • Students studying under the F1 Student Visa must deliver proof of departure from the country immediately after the last date of attendance, otherwise no refund will be issued.

Accommodation Cancellation:

Prior to Arrival

  • Accommodation and room change fees are non-refundable.
  • Accommodation cancellations must be received in writing at least 14 days before the scheduled arrival date, or 60 days prior to arrival for self-catering studio apartment reservations, to be eligible for a full monetary refund minus the non-refundable Accommodation Booking Fee.
  • For accommodation cancellations received less than 14 days prior to arrival, 1 week of the accommodations fees, in addition to the non-refundable Accommodation Booking Fee, will be retained.
  • For accommodation cancellations received less than 7 days prior to arrival, the first 2 weeks of the accommodations fees, in addition to the non-refundable Accommodation Booking Fee, will be retained.
  • For self-catering studio apartments, cancellations made less than 60 days prior to arrival will not be eligible for a refund.

After Arrival

  • There are no refunds, cancellations or changes for reservations of 4 weeks or less. There are no refunds or cancellations for studio apartments after arrival.
  • 4 weeks written notice is required to cancel or change accommodations, effective from the date of receipt of the written notice.
  • Refunds will be calculated based on the remaining time in the accommodation reservation, minus the 4 week notice period and any non-refundable fees as listed above.


  • Cancellations are only accepted in writting. The date considered as the date of the cancellation is the date when the written cancellation request has been received by APEX.
  • In the event that a refund sent according to the applicant’s instructions is returned by a bank or the postal service as undeliverable or unclaimed, $20 administrative fee plus expenses are charged for each subsequent refund attempt.

Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and drug use are not permitted on any of the school’s premises! The school reserves the right to expel (with no credit or refund) students who are caught engaging in such activities on the premises.


In the event of serious or repeated misconduct or violation of school policy, housing policy or U.S. law, the school reserves the right to dismiss a student without any refund for unused classes or fees.

How to Apply

The procedure:
  1. Ask us for the application.
  2. Email with the Pre-enrollment (draft) PDF application form and initial instructions is sent to you.
  3. Fill out the form, enclose other attachments per the emailed instructions and send back to us.
  4. Instructions for payment of the $50 non-refundable Application Processing Fee are emailed to you.
  5. Once the payment is received, a suitable day/time for the Skype interview will be arranged with you.
  6. Your Skype interview (recorded) will take place. A part of the interview is reviewing and finalizing your application.
  7. The final application is sent to you for you to sign and return.
  8. You deliver a bank statement showing that you have enough funds to cover your living expenses in the USA.
  9. Instructions for payment of the rest of the fees are sent to you.
  10. Once your payment is received, the entire application dossier is transferred to the Admissions Department.
  11. If you are accepted, your I20 form will be issued and sent to you.
  12. Pay the SEVIS fee to the USA Department of Homeland Security.
  13. Apply for your USA visa (or your online ESTA travel authorization).
  14. Arrange your flight and give us your detailed flight arrival information.
  15. Your accommodation (if you book it) will be arranged for you.
  16. A few days before your departure, the arrival instructions will be sent to you.
  17. You travel to the USA and start your course on Monday morning.

It’s best to apply at least 8 weeks prior to your planned departure. Visa nationals, please check with your local USA embassy how long it will take you to get the F1 Student Visa.


Do I need the F1 Student Visa to participate in this course?

Depends. For courses above 16 hrs/wk you need the F1 student visa. Under 16 hrs/wk any visa or ESTA is OK.

I am from a Visa Waiver country, do I still  need a visa?

Yes. For courses above 16 hrs/wk you still need the F1 student visa. Under 16 hrs/wk the ESTA online travel authorization is OK.

I am already in the USA on a visa other than F1, can I take this course?

Yes. But not above 16hrs/wk.

Can I apply with a friend?

Yes. Even groups of friends are welcome!

Can I select a location for my course?

Yes. You can choose either New York or Miami, or even a combination!

I am from – insert your country – can I participate?

Yes. The program is available to applicants from all countries.

Can I work in the USA alongside this course?

Generally no. See the “How it works” tab for possible exceptions.

I am not a student, can I participate?

Yes. This course is opened for everybody.



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    • admin says:

      Dear anwer, what is the information that you want us to send you? All information about the program is available right on this page. Can we perhaps help you find something what you are looking for? Please let us know what it is.

  2. Hernando De Lavalle says:


    My name is Mr. Hernando De Lavalle, I am 27 years old from Lima – Peru. Currently I have Visa type R class B1/B2, according to what is shown in your site I am eligible to take courses under 16 hours.

    Due to my position I currently have an apartment in Miami to be specific in Key Biscayne. Having said that, the option I would like to choose is the one that provides the course in question in the South Beach Campus.

    I am very interested in taking the courses you offer in order to improving my english. I would very much appreciate the application form is sent to me as soon as possible in order for me to book my flight.

    Kind regards,

    Hernando De Lavalle

    • admin says:

      Dear Hernando, yes you can take the 16 hours per week “Vacation & Learn” option.You can take this course even with a B1/B2 Visitor’s visa. As you also commented under the “English for Law” course, we will contact you by a separate email to discuss both of these courses in one place.

  3. ADU-GYAMFI says:

    hello am Adu-Gyamfi from Ghana and i would like to study English in the USA so can do degree in the USA university and i need the cost of tuition and accommodation and the documents needed for obtaining my students visa since we find it difficult to get visa to study in the usa

    • admin says:

      Dear Adu-Gyamfi, sounds great! We have replied to you by email. This is a bit too extensive topic to be handled here in the comments.

  4. Roberto says:

    Resido no Brasil e sou funcionário publico federal ,gostaria de receber por email detalhes do curso para um período de 3 meses, nível profissional , quanto custa e o que oferece.


    I live in Brazil and I am a federal public server , i ´d like to receive by email all details about the course , how much and contents.


  5. Victor says:

    Hello, I’m Victor from Barcelona. I will travel to NY this summer and I want to study English for 3 weeks ( at least 20 hours/week). I’m studing to get the Advanced Certificate ( CAE) . Do you offer any course in August that could be good for me?

    Thank you!

  6. Ira says:

    Dear admin. plz send me the information about tutition and accomodition fees to my e-mail.
    thanks a lot.

  7. mariam ghaly says:

    please i need to learn English as i am a new researher and i have a trouble with money can you help me to do this

  8. Maria Gabriela Gutierrez says:


    I am an Ecuadorian student and I am interested to take an intensive English course in NYU only for the summer. I want to know all the information about the Intensive English courses and TOEFL course. Also I want to know what steps I will have to do for register me on the courses.

    Best regards,

    Maria Gabriela Gutierrez

    • admin says:

      Hello Maria, An “intensive” course is generally one above 20 hours per week. So have a look at the “Rapid Progress 30”, that’s 30 hours per week. The program description is the same for all the variants, because the number of hours per week is the only difference between them. I suggest that you check out the “Key Points” panel above. The general application procedure is described on the “How to apply” panel, though you will receive detailed email with instructions at each step. For TOEFL, see this program http://www.apex-foundation.org/toefl-exam-preparation-course-usa-nyc-miami/ the price is the same, though it only makes sense to take this one, if you already know what university/college you want to apply to and how many points they require.

  9. Trizah Williams says:

    i would love to study english in the US and later on do my degree there.please send me the cost of tuition and accomodation in order for me to process my student visa.

    • admin says:

      Hello Trizah, scroll back up to the program description, and click on the “Prices” panel. The tuition cost are shown there. You need to choose how many hours of English you want per week and how many weeks total. The cost of accommodation is just below the tuition costs.

  10. hajjaj says:

    do you give assistance for getting visa in order to reach this program

    • admin says:

      Hello Hajjaj, if you need the F1 visa*, you’ll receive the I20 form that allows you to apply for it. However, you must apply for the visa yourself on the US Embassy website, and then you have to visit the embassy in person for the interview with consul.

      *If you are a French citizen, check also the non-visa variant of the course!

  11. Kate says:

    Dear organizers,

    I would like to come for American English courses to NYC for about 3 weeks. I would like to study 16 hours per week and apply for B2 visa.
    The problem is that it is quite difficult to get an american visa in my country (Belarus).
    Is it possible to get any kind of official document that would prove that I am going to attend your courses?
    And how should I deal with the payment? Should I make it after getting a visa?

    Thank you for the assistance

    • admin says:

      Hello Kate, if you are concerned about your visa, you should enroll in the more intensive course option and apply for the F1 student visa. Applying for the B2 Visitor (tourist) visa, while saying that you want to take a course in the USA will just add to the consular officer’s concerns. Take a look at the “How to apply” panel to see what’s the entire enrollment procedure. It also shows at which points of the process you’ll be making which payments.

  12. Ibrahim says:

    My name is Ibrahim from Nigeria, I am a high school graduated and I need to learn English in order to secure admission and scholarships to enable me continued with my study since I came from a poor family where by its hard to rised a college fee. Can you please help me to achieve my goal?

    thank you

  13. Naim Khan says:

    Hello, I am Naim Khan from Bangladesh. I want to Study in USA. For that I also want to learn english.just tell me how can i apply to you and get visa from Bangladesh. its so difficult to get visa from Bangladesh.I want to admitted in your institution.just tell me how and how longs it takes??

    • admin says:

      Hello Naim, if you wish to apply, we’ll be happy to send you the application. The procedure is described on the “How to apply” panel, take a look. Also, it’s ideal to apply at least 8 weeks before the date when you’d like to start. As for the visa, if you mean “difficult” in terms of the procedure, you need to get information about how to proceed from your nearest US embassy. If you mean “difficult” in terms of the refusal rate, there’s nothing that can be done about that, so there’s no other way than giving it a try. But student visas are the least refused ones of them all, so you must not compare them with visitor’s visas.

  14. amine says:

    i would like to apply for the american english course in New York or Miami, can i please get the application!
    Best regards

    • admin says:

      Hi Amine, just today, we’ve got new materials for the rest of the 2013 and for the 2014 season. Let us take a look if there are any differences and we’ll be in touch over email. And just a few initial questions: Which city you actually want to book? You can only book one or the other, so you have to decide now. And also, when would you like to start and how many weeks are you planning to book?

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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