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NOTE: APEX Foundation is not, and has never been, related to Apex USA, Inc., a company that, according to our information, is no longer in business.


55 Responses to “Contacts”
  1. Erik Illmann says:

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    I am planning on working in the United States this summer. I am 18 years old (July 1992) and I am not yet a university student. I am finishing my secondary grammar school (similar to high School) in Prague, Czech republic. I have already applied for university here in Prague and I won’t be accepted until mid July.

    I have been offered a job in a private golf club, probably as a waiter. I would like to leave around the 25th of June and come back around the 15th of September, so nearly 3 months.

    I wrote to interexchange.org and they gave me your contact because they provide visa sponsorship only for university students.

    To summarize – can you help me with my work visa when I am not a university student and I have been offered a position? If yes, what is necessary to do?

    Thanks a lot fot your response.

    Yours faithfully,

    Erik Illmann

    • admin says:

      There’s unfortunately *no way* for you to work in this job legally in the USA during your summer vacations until after your first year of university. The Summer Work & Travel Visa simply can not be issued to anybody who is not a full-time tertiary student on the day when he/she is applying for the visa. This is a law of the United States, there’s no sense for you to “ask around” in other organizations because the law applies to everybody.

      Please, apply in October (yes, October, not April) for summer 2012 in the USA. And if you’d like to have a working vacations abroad now, check the Work Experience UK program which is available for non-students.

  2. sarka says:

    I attended the au pair programm in 1999 to US. I haven´t looked to your website for long time.
    Is there still an au pair programm possible for youngs ? Thank you


    • admin says:

      Hi Sarka, it’s amazing that you still remember us! It’s been 12 years! What are you doing these days?

      Speaking of the AuP program, unfortunately, we don’t do it anymore. We will soon start offering a Demi-Pair program in Australia. That’s Work & Study though, not straight aupairing. We can just privately point your friend to good au pair organizations in England, Spain, etc.

  3. charm says:

    Do you have any programs available for nurses? ty

    • admin says:

      Hi ty, we expect to be adding an English course in Sydney, Australia this summer that allows direct access to a nursing college. Is this what you mean?

  4. Martin says:

    What about Work and travel USA- do you offer this program to students? Thanks!

  5. Kovács Mihály aka Michael Smith says:


    Dear apex foundation, i need a little hand or help, i just found your company and its really great to read about the work/job experience and chances of the other people abroad, i want to know, that what kind of chance or programs exist for university students (second year), for example after jun 15 until end of august or early september period? we want to find some seasonal jobs around US or UK or Germany, for maximum 2 mounths or more, it depends on our school.

    Our summer vacation starts from jun 15 till sept 5

    what type of jobs can you suggest me?



    • Kovács Mihály aka Michael Smith says:

      ohh i want to get some information for the next year about the jobs (summer of 2012)

      • Kovács Mihály aka Michael Smith says:

        wops im almost forget about it, im from Hungary

        • admin says:

          Thank you. It is important where people are from. As a Hungarian, you can participate in both the programs mentioned in my other replies.

      • admin says:

        There are no differences between years. Generally, if you want to spend working vacations abroad, you should expect working in the hospitality industry. Simply because their peak season coincides with student’s vacations. This means motels, campgrounds, fast-food restaurants, cafes, ice-cream shops, national parks, amusement parks, etc. The work is usually “where needed”.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mikey! For the US, look at Work & Travel USA with job placement. It is for full-time university/college students and you can only participate during your summer vacations. So your exact vacation dates are important. For the UK, have a look at this program Work Experience UK Level 1. The shortest time for which you can participate is 13 weeks, which should fit your schedule. The program runs all year, so it’s not dependent on the exact dates of your summer vacations.Employers naturally prefer participants who stay longer, so if you could arrive earlier and leave later, it would improve your chances for a better placement. We don’t do Germany at this time. To read stories from other students who participated in these programs, have a look at our blog.

  6. Barbora says:

    I would like to ask you if you are still available in helping students with finding summer jobs in USA? We would like to work in USA with my boyfriend and one friend of mine told me that she works in USA through you. We took a look to your offer and we are really interested in Amusement park near to San Francisco. Both of us are students of university I am in 3rd grade Marek is in 1stt grade and we are from Slovakia and Czech Republic . We have no idea when we should start to apply for these kind of summer jobs so I am writing earlier to be sure that we are not late.Thanks for your reply :) Barbora and Marek

    • admin says:

      Hi Barbora. Go to “Programs” and find one that you like. If you click on “All by Country”, you can view all American programs available at the moment. Here’s a link for your convenience: http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/all-by-country/usa-programs/ BTW, you are writing at the absolutely perfect moment :-) The time to apply is right now. Please email us to schedule a Skype call with us, if you’d like to talk about the program, we’ll be very happy to explain you everything you need!

  7. Anatoliy Kamenetskyy says:

    I’m from Ukraine and this fall I started my second year at university. The problem is that I only turn 18 in January 2012 and only then can I apply for an international passport and it may take 1-2 months. You are offering that for summer program, I must submit my application as soon as possible (November-December) and at this time, according to your rules, I will not be eligible to participate in this program. So, summing it all together I’ll be eligible to apply for this program when I have to start the whole process, and what are the chances that I will be able to work the summer of 2012, provided that I apply for a visa only at the end of March or later?
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Anatolyi, it’s not clear what program you are talking about. This is a “Contacts” section. Please find your desired program and ask in the comments under it. When you click on “Programs” you can either go by program type, or you can start from “All by Country” and start from your intended destination. Thank you.

  8. Amieal says:

    Hello, what exactly do you have for persons who just finished college, or for students who are in school finishing up a final semester of outstanding courses (doing over courses that grades weren’t up to par) these student still have to register again as full-time in order to complete their outstanding courses.

    Yours Truly

    • admin says:

      Hi Amieal, all programs on this website are generally available for applicants like you describe, although some are limited by your country of citizenship. In the end, every application is considered individually, by us, the sponsors and the embassies (where visas are involved). Explore the site and choose what you like. Alternatively, you can explain us your situations and plans in an email and ask for recommendation. Don’t forget to mention your country of citizenship when emailing us.

      • Amieal says:

        I am Jamaican and i would like to go on a program in the UK or Canada for the summer so i want to know if i am eligible for any of either programs. I am finishing up a final semester in college and my major is Hospitality and tourism management.

        • admin says:

          Hi Amieal, unfortunately, citizens of Jamaica can’t do Working Holidays in Canada or Work Experience in the UK. You can do Work and Study in these countries, but since English is your native language, it can’t be a language course either (except perhaps a course of French in Canada), so community college, or studying for a degree are the only options. It doesn’t work out so terribly financially as students generally fear, so if you are serious about it, we can discuss it on Skype.

  9. lamidi says:

    I’m happy to come across with this great opportunity for students who are studying in Europe also wish to work and have experiences in USA… This a great program for all students who wish for this great offer well.. am one who is willing to participate in this program though I heard this from a Friend who want me to try as well, I have registered with the website http://www.apex-foundation.org and I’m a second year student in the University here in Hungary studying Business Management course… I will need an advise because I never had a work experience before, this will be my first time to have one once I start to work…. will be waiting for your response.


    • admin says:

      Hi Lamidi! First of all, please read the description of the program entirely, end to end. It may seem long, but once you start, it reads quite well. There really isn’t anything what you can skip. After reading it, prepare questions for which you haven’t found answers there and email them to us. We will then schedule the call with you. We do the Skype calls on Saturdays, as students, regardless their time zone, don’t have classes.

      Finally it is not possible for you to participate, if you really never did any kind of work in your life. This happens in the case of students from well-off families who have servants at home. I don’t know what you mean by not having any work experience, but if this would really be the case, you’d first have to get some.

  10. Roohi says:

    i am from india and about to complete my degree in hotel management. i am planning to do my internship from USA. can u please guide me about the program and please let me know about your office in India so that i can a detailed information about it..
    waiting for your reply.
    Roohi Bhathal

    • admin says:

      Hi Roohi, the USA internship program is not a placement program. It’s a visa sponsorship program, meaning that you find your internship placement yourself and after that you apply in order to get the internship visa. The program description is here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/internships-usa-j1-visa-sponsorship/ We can give you guidance as to where to look for internships in the USA and how to approach the employers. The other variant of the program, which will be available in a few weeks, will allow you to review currently available positions, and try to apply for the one you like. Then it will depend on the employer if the company also wants you.

  11. kerem says:

    Comment removed. Out of topic. Please ask under your selected program, or email us at [email protected]ex-foundation.org to ask for recommendation for which program to apply.

  12. enoch says:

    Comment removed. Out of context. Please inquire under a program you are interested in, or if you are unsure which one to select, email [email protected] for recommendation. Thank you.

  13. Nathan says:

    Good Morning,

    I’m querying as to whether or not I qualify for J-1 Visa sponsorship.
    I’m currently on an F-1 Visa on exchange at the University of Chapel Hill in North Carolina. I will be graduating at the University of Otago so I don’t qualify for OPT or CPT.

    My main problem is that I can’t go back to New Zealand to apply for a J-1 Visa. I can go to Canada or Mexico to change my Visa, but it’s not really feasible for me to return to New Zealand.

    My degree is in Economics and Finance and my internship is in New York in the Finance department at YMCA Retirement Funds so I think I meet every criteria for other Visa sponsorship companies apart from the returning to New Zealand part.

    My question is, when obtaining a Visa through your business do I need to return to New Zealand to do so?


    • admin says:

      Dear Nathan, you have to be a student of a university outside the USA to be eligible for the Work & Travel USA program. Why is that in the government regulations? Simple, the Work & Travel USA is a cultural exchange program. It’s purpose is to let foreign university students explore America and experience normal everyday life in the USA. If you study here, you no longer need this.

  14. Tarun says:

    hi admin, is there any customer service of apex foundation where can i call and clear my confusions regarding applying in program ?? thx.

    • admin says:

      Hello Tarun, absolutely, we offer scheduled Skype consultations. Email us and we will schedule a Skype call with you. Don’t forget to mention which program you’d like to discuss and explain who you are, i.e. which country you are a citizen of, your are age, and possibly your student status and any degrees that you may be holding.

      • Tarun says:

        Hi, thx for assistance.. but i have already mailed 2 days ago .. i’ve not received a response yet.. i want to do this quickly because deadline is near… mayb you can help me through this??.. thanks

        • admin says:

          Dear Tarun, we attempt to answer all support emails in 24 hours during business days, which is Monday through Friday except for federal holidays. You emailed us on Saturday and February 20th, 2012 is the President’s Day in the USA.

  15. Jason Ben Fernandes says:

    Comment removed, out of topic. Please ask under the program that you are interested in, or if unsure which one to choose, email us at [email protected] for consultation, we’ll be happy to assist you. The full list of programs is available here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/all-by-country/

  16. admin says:

    Comment removed, out of topic. Please ask under the program that you are interested in, or if unsure which one to choose, email us at [email protected] for consultation. The full list of programs is available here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/all-by-country/

  17. salome says:

    i wont to know your phone number please

    • Misa says:

      Hi Salome, we do not use telephones for communication with participants, we use Skype, emails, comments on our website and Facebook. The Skype name is shown on our website on the “Contacts” page, our email address is [email protected]. Skype calls have to be scheduled, please email us your questions and request a Skype consultation.

  18. Simon says:

    Hello…I am from Ghana. Can you connect me with any of the students who have joined your program here in ghana so they assist me i the application process as well as give me some neccesary information

    • admin says:

      Dear Simon, it is against the law to give out personal information of applicants to third parties. If you wish, you can post on our Facebook page and see if anybody wants to talk with you. But we can’t give you anybody’s contact info.

  19. Mirolim says:

    Comment removed, out of topic. Please ask under the program that you are interested in, or if unsure which one to choose, email us at [email protected] for consultation. The full list of programs is available here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/all-by-country/

  20. Comment removed. Out of topic. Please comment under your chosen program http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/all-by-country/ or email us to ask which program we could recommend you.

  21. Alex says:

    Comment removed, out of topic. Comment under your chosen program.

  22. Bouhssine Ben says:

    Comment removed, out of topic. Please ask under your chosen program or email us for recommendation. The list of all programs is avilable here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/all-by-country/

  23. niku says:

    Comment removed. Please, use English for commenting. Thank you.

  24. Misa says:

    Comment removed, out of topic. Please comment under the program that you are interested in.

  25. Jimena says:

    Comment removed. Out of topic. Please, comment under the program that you are interested in or email us for what program we could recommend you.

  26. radim says:

    Hi, went to us as aupair via apex foundation when i was 19 year old boy (thru office in prague)in 1998. Now i am a manager in a czech company. Looking for any option how to get to us to work legally for some years.in 1999,everybody warner me that i cannot go to us as aupair because i am a man.but i managed. Now i just need to find an opportunity, i will look after for all the rest.thank you, radim [personal data removed]

    • admin says:

      Hello Radim, OMG, that’s beyond amazing that you are contacting us after 14 years! We’re curious when we’ll get the first second-generation applicants :-) Being in the business for 22 years, it’s becoming a possibility. We’ll be in touch with you over email shortly!

  27. Ana says:

    Hello my name is Ana,

    I am currently in Los Angeles with a F1 Visa and I would like to change it into a J1 Visa.
    All companies I contacted until now told me that I need to go back to my home country to change my Visa.
    My question is if there is any possibility to change it also if I stay in the US.

    Thank you very much!

  28. Sharon M says:

    i’ll be graduating in May after 4 years of an undergraduate course. i want to be really sure if i qualify or am eligible for this particular program because it said first years and final years are included.
    thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Sharon M, you’re asking under “Contacts”, not under any particular program, so I don’t know which “particular program” you mean. You’re also not saying what country you are a citizen of, or what your desired destination country may be.

  29. IFL says:

    We would like to know more about you, please provide an email. Americo

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