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US employer interviewing international students at a Job Fair abroad

US employer interviewing international students

(Are you are student? Click here!)

Are you a business owner or an HR manager and think about becoming a host employer for an international student? You are in a good company!

International Work Travel, Work Experience and Working Vacations programs allow hundreds of thousands of young people every year to criss-cross the globe, explore the world, improve their language skills and forge international contacts for their future careers.

And besides all that, they can get work done for you!

Fast-food chains, hotels, motels, restaurants, national parks, coffee and ice-cream shops, golf clubs, fruit farms, beach equipment rentals, supermarkets and amusement parks are the traditional summer employers. But students will happily work in other kinds of businesses too, especially as interns.

Businesses that hire international students for the summer range from mom and pop B&Bs through massive corporations like Six Flags who hire them by thousands. Many have been doing so every summer for 20 or more years.

An important advantage of hiring international students is that they are available for work even in rural communities that lack a large local college that could serve as a source of summer staff.

Countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and other have special visas that allow international students to work there legally, and hiring them represents no extra burden for you as an employer than hiring locals.

In the middle-ages, summer vacations were created specifically for the purpose of letting students work to help with the summer harvest. Today, the students are still ready to help you with the peak business you experience during the summer months.

See what international students can do for you during summer vacations: (click on pics to enlarge)

US employer talks to international students abroad in 1996

Employer for 20 years talks to intl. students in 1996

A scan of a newspaper article - Foreign students fill niche

Newspaper – Foreign students fill niche

Employer of international students for 18 years talks with them

Employer of international students for 18 years

An employer with his crew of international students at a fair

An employer with his international crew in 1996

HR manager interviewing an international student abroad

HR manager interviewing students abroad

HR manager with an international student at work at the waterpark

The same HR manager with students at work

International student riding a tractor while working at a farm in the USA

Farm hand

International student working in a boat-rental company

Boat rental

International students working as lifeguards in the USA


A group of international students working as wait staff during summer vacations

Wait staff

Group of international students as working as wait staff

Wait staff

International student working as a waiter in Holiday Inn

Wait staff

Summer work in supermarket SWT 2009


Two international students working as sales help in a convenience store in the USA


International student selling a gyros to a customer at a fair in the USA


International student working as a kitchen help in the USA with the chef

Kitchen help

Happy kitchen crew consisting of international students from many countries

Kitchen help

Two international student helpers with a local chef during outdoor cooking at a guest ranch

Kitchen help

Housekeeping crew consisting of locals and international students in Yellowstone


Two international student housekeepers vacuuming stuffed deer head


Three international student housekeepers with tools on a golf cart



4 Responses to “For Employers”
  1. Hi,

    We have heard about your program and we are very interested to find out how the program works for employers. We operate an employment agency, and currently we are looking to expand our service area. We have employed a pass program participant who introduced us to the program. We did some research on the benefits of J-1 employment and we are channelled in that direction because of its benefits.

    1. What does your program cost for employers?

    2. How long does the process takes to have j-1 workers in the united state?

    3. Does my company need to file any USCIS documents other than the i-9?

    Thanking you in advance.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • admin says:

      Dear Kerida, thank you for your comment. There are two types of J1 visa sponsorship that we can help you with: Summer Work & Travel visa sponsorship and Intern/Trainee visa sponsorship.

      1. The cost to employers is $0 except when a company under 25 employees or 1 million in revenue wants to host an intern/trainee. In such a case the US Federal regulations require an in-person site visit and that costs $250.

      2. Normally about 4 weeks from the moment the complete dossier is submitted and all fees are paid. Clear cut yes/no cases are quick. What takes long are borderline situations when more facts have to be established and decisions made. A classic example are internships in hotels and restaurants where it must be well documented that the intended activity will in fact be a genuine internship, rather than basic work.

      3. Your company will not technically be a part of the process, as using third parties is now prohibited. The applicant is the foreign national and he/she must be employed by the actual company where he/she will be physically working. It is no longer allowed to use staffing agencies. In other words, it will be the actual employer who will be filing documents such as W4, I-9, etc.

      P.S. It appears that your website address has expired.

  2. Hardeep says:

    I am hotel manager i would like to hire a intern for my hotel can you tell me what i need to do.

    • admin says:

      Hello Hardeep, thank you for your comment. I have passed your email to a colleague who takes care of employers. She’ll be in touch!

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