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Cooperator showing pictures from her summer Work Travel USA program

Cooperator sharing summer work travel stories

Become our cooperator! Help promote our programs and make money for your own dream world travels, programs and studies!

Scroll down for a few examples of how much you can make. Our best ever cooperator had 182 students in one year.

Our Go4Free programs exists since 1996, and majority of our new participants applied through a Student Cooperator like you!

Some students just tell their friends. Others organize informal meetings of their schoolmates in a pub or a cafe. Still others team up with student organizations at their schools and do info meetings there and in student clubs.

A student cooperator meeting with friends interested in exchange programs at her home

At home, helping friends who want to go too

A student cooperator meeting with schoolmates interested in exchange programs in a cafe

In a cafe, telling friends about programs

Student cooperators doing a presentation for other students at their school

At school, presentation for interested students

APEX poster at a message board at a school

APEX poster on a message board in a school

1998 APEX website encouraging former participants of programs to become Student Cooperators

Long tradition. Become cooperators! In 1998..

An exceptional Student Cooperator holding an outsize flight ticket to the USA

Flight ticket to the USA for an exceptional cooperator


33 Responses to “Go4Free”
  1. Susan says:

    do u have an interviewer in mainland China? or can i be interviewed via skype… im eager to do this program

    • admin says:

      Hello Susan, please ask in Comments under the program that you are interested in. Otherwise we don’t know which one you are talking about. Thank you. That said, most programs now allow Skype video interviews.

  2. Bob says:

    Hello Admin, I’m a college student in mainland China and very Interested in this project, I wonder what I can do if I want to join this project. Looking forward for your reply. (smile…)

  3. Bob says:

    Hi, Admin! Our schedule for a skype call is Sunday 10am in my country which is Saturday 9pm in your location. Just to make a confirmation .

  4. Yusuf says:

    am interested in the self arranged program for work and travel in West africa, me and my friends are interested. how do we go about it.

  5. Lanre Yusuf says:

    Comment removed. Out of topic. Please, select a discussion under a post that deals with your topic.

  6. Yusuf says:

    Comment removed. Out of topic. Please, select a discussion under a post that deals with your topic.

  7. Yvonne says:

    Pls am in ghana and i will like to participate in the summer work and travel.which procedures am i suppose to follow to achieve this?

  8. sithembile says:

    Comment removed, out of topic. Please ask under the program that you are interested in, or if unsure which one to choose, email us at [email protected] for consultation. The full list of programs is available here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/all-by-country/

  9. sunday says:

    Hello,Am in a university in ukraine and am very Interested in this, I will love to know what I can do if I want to join.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sunday, thank you for your interest to cooperate with us. Judging from your name, you probably aren’t an Ukrainian, but rather an international student there. Please, email us where you are from, what countries you could bring students from, and what programs you think you’d be able to market. The full list of programs is available here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/all-by-country/ near term, students from the southern hemisphere, such as South Africa, South America, Australia, etc. will be able to apply for winter programs, it’s time to start marketing those. Get in touch via email, thank you.

  10. Sarik says:

    Hi. Do student cooperators get paid? If yes, how does the process go? Thanks

    • Misa says:

      Hello Sarik, the Go4Free system works quite simply: as Student Cooperator you register applicants in our application system and create their applications. Once you at least save their applications as “incomplete”, they start showing as your students for us. If they leave for the program (any program, it has nothing to do with USA), you receive a credit. You can then either use the credit against your future program participation, or every September, you can request the credit to be paid to you as cash.

  11. Bakhtiyor says:

    Hi Misa Can u help me with this program)
    should we pay this kind of fees before or after??

  12. Yasmine Malek MENASRIA says:

    I’m a student in a faculty of medicine from Algeria. And i’m very interested in Go4Free. I’ve already wrote you by email and I would be overjoyed if you allow me to promote your programs. Please tell me how do i proceed to become a cooperator?

  13. kerese whyte says:

    do u have a coordinator in Jamaica? would like to be one

  14. Leo Edi Pratama says:

    so i am from indonesia, is it work for Indonesia? because i have to get the program soon before May, and hopefully you can help.

  15. isaac ewusie says:

    i am university student in ghana and want to be represntative in my school,what should i do

  16. Lawal Kayode says:

    Do you have a cooperator in Nigeria?I will like to be your cooperator in Nigeria.tell me the procedure and how to operate

    • admin says:

      Hello Lawal, no, we don’t. But unfortunately, we are not seeking one at this time. In the event that this situation changes in the future, I suggest that you choose “News for Agents & Cooperators” in the right sidebar of our website. That way you will be informed of any new development.

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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