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Internships in Mauritius

Internship in Airline Operations Management

Internship in Airline Operations Management

Duration: From 3 to 6 months
Season: any
Program Start: any time
Program Fee: $998 (see the “Prices” tab)
Go4Free: $80
Age: 18+
Student Status: not required, but recommended
Participants from: all countries
When to apply: min 3 months before start
Paid: Partly paid (see “Key Points” tab inside)


Internships are arranged in many different fields as shown in the photos. Scroll down for full list of fields in which internships are available.

Internship placements are available in the following areas:

Real Estate Internship
in the research department of a property management company
Facility Management Internship
in the operation department of serviced luxury apartments
IT Internship
in a software development company
Tourism and Recreation Management Internship
in the sales department of a 5 star resort
Hotel Management Internship
in the wedding department of a 5 star hotel
Human Resources Internship
in the HR department of a group of companies head office
Management Internship
in the quality assurance department of a BPO company
Marketing Internship
in the marketing department of a beer brewery
Communication Internship
in the marketing / PR department of a fashion brand
Mechanical Engineering Internship
in the design department of a mechanical engineering company
Technology Management
in the supply chain of a textile factory
Event Management
in the marketing department of an inbound tour operator
Finance Internship
in the corporate services department of an offshore accountancy firm
Logistics Internship
in the Logistics department of a pharmaceutical company
Architect Internship
in the design department on an architect
Psychology Internship
in the training centre of a group of companies
International Business & Languages Internship
in the marketing department of a conglomerate
Graphic Design Internship
in the production department of an advertising agency
Small Business & Retail Management Internship
with the sales manager of consumer goods
Electrical Engineering Internship
in the project department of an electrical installation company
Leisure Management Internship
in the sport events department of a hotel chain
International Business Internship
in the marketing / sales department of a cosmetics company
International Event Music & Entertainment Internship
in a street marketing events company
Construction Engineer Internship
in the engineering department of a construction company

Key Points


  • From 3 to 6 months

When to apply:

  • At least 3 months prior to your desired program start date.


  • Throughout the island

Start dates:

  • Any


  • Due to visa regulations, interns can not earn a salary in Mauritius.
  • While it can not be guaranteed, every effort is made that interns receive a stipend from companies they work for.
  • Most interns receive €100 – €200 per month.


  • Interns are usually placed in shared houses or flats.
  • Every intern has his own room and they share kitchen, bathroom, living room etc.
  • All houses have a fridge, washing machine and television and mostly also internet.
  • Students do their own shopping, cooking and washing up.
  • A cleaning lady can be arranged once or twice a week at an extra cost.

Local Transport:

  • Most interns travel by bus.
  • Many companies have their own shuttle buses to collect their staff from around the island and interns can also use these services.


  • This program does not include insurance! You are required to arrange your own.
  • You are responsible for having a health insurance, travel insurance and liability insurance that covers you during your entire stay in Mauritius.
  • APEX Foundation does not offer any support regarding any insurance.

Important: Many insurance policies do not cover work. Since you will be working in Mauritius, make absolutely sure that your insurance covers injuries sustained while working!

How it works

About Mauritius
what is it like?

Adrift in the Indian Ocean the island of Mauritius is situated approximately 2 000 km to the south east of Africa and lies east of Madagascar. Enjoying a subtropical climate the island boasts 330 km of coastline.

Mauritius has 1.2 million inhabitants, of which around 200.000 live in the capital Port Louis. The society is multicultural. The official language is English, whilst French and “Creole”, a dialect from “old French”, are widely spoken. Other languages are Hindi and Mandarin.

The island is fairly prosperous and Mauritius is an “emerging market”. The strong economic growth offers good opportunities to do internships in various areas.

Visa Types
what Visa you can apply for

Residence Permit
You will receive a Residence Permit (not a Work Permit) for a period up to 6 months. The program sponsor applies for it at the immigration office in Mauritius. You don’t need to pay separately for getting the visa, it is part of the Program Fee. There is no government charge either.

Please note that you will have to do some medical tests to prove that you do not have contagious diseases in order to get your permit.


Age: 18+
Student status: Not required, but no more than 2 years after graduation recommended*
Experience: Some work experience in the field could be an advantage
Required languages: English (French is an advantage)
Required level: Advanced English
Nationality: Nationals of all countries are eligible to apply
Type of visa: Residence Permit

*The longer after your graduation, the higher the likelihood that it may be difficult to obtain the Residence Permit for you.


  • All fees are subject to change without notice.
  • All bank transfer fees are always born by the participant regardless of the direction of the transfer.
Application Processing Fee: $100
non-refundable, includes:
  • Guidance though the entire application process from initial inquiry until your departure for Mauritius
  • Processing your program application
  • Pre-screening Interview (required by law, only Skype-Skype interviews are included, phone interviews are charged extra)
  • Processing your payment to the program sponsor
  • Transferring materials and communication between you and your program sponsor until your departure for Mauritius
  • Responding to your email questions until your departure for Mauritius
  • Check APEX Foundation Terms & Conditions for more details
Program Fee: $998
  • A placement
  • Assisting regarding the paperwork with the placement company
  • Organising the required Residence Permit for Mauritius
  • Organising housing in a student apartment
  • Introducing you to the placement company, when possible
  • Support in case of emergency

What is NOT included:

  • International airfare and airport taxes
  • Airport pick up
  • Airport transfer on departure
  • Insurance
Living Expenses
include housing, food, excursions, travel to work etc.
  • Expect €400 – €500 per month


  • Once your internship is confirmed, you will inform the program sponsor about your arrival & departure dates. Your accommodation will be rented on the basis of these dates.
  • Expect to pay about €200 per month for your accommodation.

Accommodation deposit

  • Landlords expect a deposit about €200 at the time your accommodation is being arranged.
  • Landlords refund the deposit when you return the keys, pay for the balance of the water, electricity, internet and gas bills and leave the place in a good state.
  • Any unforeseen changes in the arrival or departure date will mean that you lose the deposit.
  • The deposit can’t be accepted as the last month’s rent.
Cancellations & Refunds
if you have to cancel
  • Before Internship placement is confirmed: $665 of the $998 Program Fee is refunded.
  • After Internship placement is confirmed: $334 of the $998 Program Fee is refunded.
  • After Residence permit is issued: No part of the $998 Program Fee is refunded.
  • The intern can refuse a proposed internship twice.
  • Accommodation: All payments made are non-refundable.
  • Submitting any forged documents, certificates or untrue information will result in being canceled from the program with no refund.
  • In the event a refund sent according to the applicant’s instructions is returned by a bank or the postal service as undeliverable or unclaimed, $20 administrative fee plus expenses are charged for each subsequent refund attempt.

How to Apply

What to do:
  • Contact us at least 4 months before you wish to start your internship.
  • Point 6. of the procedure below must happen no later than 3 months before your arrival.
The procedure:
  1. Pre-enrollment Email – we’ll send you an email requesting from you:
    1. Your CV in MS Word format
    2. Contact Form
    3. Copy of your passport
    4. Letter of recommendation from your school
    5. Our signed Terms & Conditions
  2. Application Processing Fee
    1. We will send you instructions for the payment of this fee.
  3. Documents Processing
    1. Starts after we receive the Application Processing Fee
    2. We carefully check the documents you supplied
    3. Ask for corrections or additional documents as necessary
  4. Pre-screening Interview
    1. We may, at our discretion, require a pre-screening interview
    2. It’s main purpose is to check your language skills
    3. It’s conducted by means of recorded Skype video-call
  5. Enrollment Documents
    1. General Terms & Conditions of this program
    2. Housing Terms & Conditions
    3. You download them, print, sign, scan and send back to us
  6. Main Program Fees
    1. We will send you instructions for the payment of these fees. This means:
    2. The Program Fee itself
    3. Fee for any other ordered services, for example accommodation, airport transfer, etc.

After the payment is received the process of arranging the internship begins. The next steps after the internship is confirmed is arranging your accommodation (if requested) and your Residency Permit in Mauritius. After that, you’re ready to arrive and start your internship.


Can I apply with a friend?

Yes. So long as you are both eligible.

I am actually a citizen of Mauritius, can I apply too?

Yes. You can submit your application and supporting documents like everybody else.

Where can I expect to do my internship?

Anywhere throughout the island.

I am from – insert your country – can I submit an application?

Yes. The program is available to applicants from all countries.

I am not a student, can I participate?

Yes. The Student Status is not required for this program. However, the Mauritian government may request more documents to prove that your need for an internship is genuine.

What job placements are available for the internship?

See the “Overview” tab above.

How long can I stay in Mauritius?

You can stay up to 6 months.

Can I repeat the program?

Possibly. Ask.

What wage I can expect?

Interns are not allowed to earn wage or salary in Mauritius. Most interns get a stipend of about €100 – €200 per month to help cover some of their expenses. While common, the stipend is not guaranteed!

Can I choose my employer?

Partly. You can refuse a proposed internship twice.

Can I work in a second job alongside my internship?

No. You don’t have a blank permission to work in Mauritius. You only have permission to engage in your pre-arranged internship.



73 Responses to “Internships in Mauritius”
  1. Tiruselven Amirthasamy Pather says:

    I am a Mechanical engineering student from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Being a Mauritian citizen, i would like to do an internship on the island in December. I am currently completing my third year of a Bachelor ( with Honours) in Mechanical Engineering.

    Consequently, i would like to know if i am eligible and if there are any internship available during the upcoming December- February months period?

    • admin says:

      Hello Tiruselven, all these programs are meant for foreigners in the respective countries. For example American citizens, residents, or even foreign students studying in the USA can not take part in the American programs – it’s against the law. So we are checking if you, as a Mauritian citizen, could participate in this program. Please hold on. In the meantime – would you be interested in the same program in South Africa?

  2. M'SA HAZI says:

    Hello, I’m a Reunion island (which it’s a french island) student in international Trade and i have to make a work placement from 6th March to 14 July. And i had to search an accomodation too. So i would like to know if i could have some help of your company.

    • Misa says:

      Hello M’Sa Hazi, this program offers you a placement and also an accommodation (usually in shared houses or flats). So if you meet all requirements, just go ahead and apply for it :-)

  3. gorkha.bhandari says:

    hello admin.
    I am from nepal, i have master of business studies from nepal. I want to do internship in maurities of account.,marketing and other sectar . How can i start processing?

  4. admin says:

    Dear Vishal, if you’d like to apply for this particular program, let us know, we’ll be happy to guide you through the application process. If you are fine with volunteering, that generally means better quality internship. In that case, you could try http://www.apex-foundation.org/internships-south-africa/ If you are a citizen of the EU, which you don’t mention, you could also apply for this program http://www.apex-foundation.org/paid-internship-uk-twn/ Please, read the descriptions carefully, check the “Eligibility” panel and email us know which one you chose.

  5. prabhakar says:

    I am interested in events internship.I am going to start in may to July what is the procedure for applying to it and can i get further job in the field.

    • admin says:

      Dear Prabhakar, the procedure is shown in full detail on the “How to apply” panel in the program description above. Please read it carefully. Also make sure you meet the requirements shown on the “Eligibility” panel. If you do, let us know what country you are a citizen of, and whether or not you are still a full-time student. If you’re not a student, let us know how long you’ve been out of school and whether you can still get a letter of recommendation from it.

  6. Kriti Sachdeva says:

    I am a student at bsc in hotel and tourism management from India. I am pursuing my 3rd year . In my 4th . year i have to go through 9 months internship abroad starting from July 2013
    .I have a good training exposure.

  7. vimal says:

    hello there,

    I am Vimal Chaturvedi an indian student, pursuing my master in construction management from university of salford, united kingdom, as i am going to finish my studies in couple of month and looking for job oriented intership programme plz provide me needful help to me

  8. Jayant says:

    Can someone from India can apply for mechanical engineering internships is Mauritius?

    • admin says:

      Hello Jayant, yes, of course! If you like the program and understand that internship is not a paid employment, we’ll be happy have you apply!

  9. vimal chaturvedi says:

    hello i m Indian student want to do internship in construction, but currently pursuing master in construction management from university of salford , greater Manchester, in couple of month of month i m going to complete my education, are v going to get benefits of job placement after doing internship from u plz let me knw..cheers tc

  10. vimal says:

    alright there, after completing our internship are there any chances of getting good job from your side

  11. Kunal Vaze says:

    Hello There, Myself Kunal am from INDIA (Mumbai) i have completed my M.Sc in computer Networking from UK i wish to know if there is any Internship program for me. Please do maill me the detail.


    • admin says:

      Sure, just check the list of available fields. The entire program description is available above. No non-public secrets that need to be send by email.

  12. dorothy says:

    hi im a student in mauritius itself doing a Bachelor of Business administration and actually i am doing my second year. i would like to know if i am eligible for any opportunity present either on the island itself or elsewhere? if yes what are the steps to be done? thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Dorothy, just to clarify your status – are you a citizen of Mauritius, or are you an international student there?

  13. Emmanuel says:

    i am a Nigerian and i graduated with a degree in banking and finance last year from a ghanaian university, i would appreciate it if you can help fix me up for one of your internship positions in mauritius. please what do i do.

    • admin says:

      Hello Emmanuel, we are checking with our colleague who handles the placements. We’ll get back to you by email asap.

  14. linh says:

    hi admin
    Im Linh from vietnam. I just graduated diploma in hospitality and tourism, i only have 6 months traning in Marriott Singapore hotel. Im very excited with this program. i wanna have experience y internship in Mauritius. Can you help me what should i do now?
    Thanks a lot

    • admin says:

      Hello Linh, just to make sure.. Have you verified that you are eligible to apply? Click on the “Eligibility” panel in the program description.

  15. samra says:

    hello i am a student in psychology and really interested in an an internship in any psychology related sector. is there any placements available in mauritius itself please?

  16. maninder says:

    Is indian student eligible ?

    • admin says:

      Yes, all nationals are eligible to apply. However, the acceptance for the program depends on the impression made by the application and by the applicant him/herself during the interview.

  17. sujan says:

    hello, I am nepali citizen but I hv done Bsc in hotel administration & catering technology (3 yrs) from India. Now I am waiting for my final yr result. Is there any intern program or placement for me?

  18. Ziya says:

    HI.I would like to know if I could get an internship in Mauritius.I am a university student.

  19. Adam Toth says:

    Dear Admin,

    My name is Adam, I’m from Hungary, Budapest! This is my last year at the University, and I would like to go to an internship. How can I apply and what are my options? Thank you for your help, best wishes!

    Adam Toth

    • admin says:

      Hello Adam, you can do this program, or as an EU citizen, you can also do the Internship UK program. Let us know which one you like better and we can start the application process.

      • Adam Toth says:

        Only the UK available for me??! Other countries not?

        • admin says:

          Hi Adam, your question was about Mauritius, we just mentioned the UK because you are from the EU. Every program shows who can participate. See the “Participants from” part next to the picture, or click on the “Eligibility” panel inside program descriptions for full details.

  20. Nazeela Sidra says:

    Am Nazeela Sidra from Mauritius. Am an undergraduate student in Bsc (hons) Management with Finance. Currently in my 1st year 2nd semester at University of Technology Mauritius. I would like to apply for an internship in Mauritius.
    Thank You.

  21. Elodie says:

    Hello I’m from the uk and graduated with a law degree from a uk university. Are there any internships available in law.

    • admin says:

      Hello Elodie, law internship can certainly be arranged. It isn’t listed among the available fields simply because most law students need practice in the country where they are studying law, making international requests infrequent. But yes, it can be arranged.

  22. Lawal Kayode says:

    Good Morning,I am Lawal a 2006 graduate of Physical and Health Education and a sports administrator.I seek internship in the sports sector to gain international experience and exposure.Can i get the opportunity in your internship program in Mauritius

    • admin says:

      Hello Lawal, have you really been out of school since 2006? That would make it 5 years. If this is the case, you unfortunately can’t apply for this program.

  23. kishan says:

    hI Admin
    i mauritian , doing bachelor in hotel management in Perth. I really needed a place to do internship to qualified for the bachelor degree. In Perth, very difficult, if there is any possibilities in MRU let me known. It urgent..

    Thanks you

    • admin says:

      Hello kishan, the program places you with an employer, that’s what it does. Take time to read it’s conditions, and if you like it, email us and we can start the application process.

  24. Sabir Absari says:

    i have recently cleared my bachelor of engineering degree in mechanical engineering. i am a nepali student and i would like to know more about my eligibility criteria and if positive then furthur let me know the full procedure through my mail..

    • admin says:

      Hello Sabir, to see if you meet the eligibility requirements, see the “Eligibility” panel above. And the entire application procedure is described, step-by-step on the “How to apply” panel.

  25. David Pereira says:

    Good day Admin,

    I am currently completing my mechanical engineering degree at the University of Pretoria. I want to enquiry as to what internships I would be entitled to complete as well as if there are any internships that are within the renewable energy generation field.

    Kind regards,


    • admin says:

      Hello David, here’s a common misunderstanding: Internship programs don’t try to find interns for employers who seek them (an exception are hospitality “internships” in the USA). Internship programs try to find employers who can be convinced to accept interns. With this out of the way.. Mechanical engineering internships have been arranged many times before (see the pics above) and it can be safely said that a nice one can be arranged. Renewable energy generation is a little too specific for the program, and perhaps not even specific enough for you – designing photo-voltaic station is quite different from designing a dam for hydro-generation. So I’d suggest sticking just to mechanical engineering, with a preference, though not a requirement(!), for a company involved in some form of energy generation. If that’s acceptable, email us to request an application.

  26. Parwin Joomun says:

    Hi I am a citizen from Mauritius. I am an undergraduate of University of Technology, Mauritius (Diploma in Tourist and Hospitality Management. Year 2011) and Level 2 ACCA student and I would like to apply for an Accounting or Finance Internship. Thanks

  27. Rajat says:

    Hello admin,
    I am from New Delhi, India. Currently, I am studying civil engineering from Delhi Technological University. I’ve completed first year. I would like to know more about internships in construction and civil engineering related fields. I am looking forward to do internship in summer of 2014. Kindly mail me details of related program.
    Thank You

    • admin says:

      Hello Rajat, the program is described in full detail right on this page, just scroll up. So although no “more details” as such exist to be sent, if you have a specific question, for instance if you don’t understand a particular part of the program description, let us know which part you’re having have a problem with, and we’ll try to explain that part to you and help you get a good understanding of the program.

  28. Brian says:

    Hi Admin, I am South African and I am in the Marketing field. Marketing Jobs are very rare in S.A but with International experience , the chances of finding a decent job broaden up. I am not well of financially but very intrested in experience from abroad either in the Consulting, Banking, Communications and Marketing Industry. Thanx

    • admin says:

      Hello Brian, sounds like you’re just the right person to apply for this program. Just hope you haven’t been out of the school for too long. More via email, OK?

  29. Pooja says:


    Am actually a third year Mauritian student from University of Cape Town doing an undergrad in quantitative finance and i was wondering if there are any intership opportunities available in Mauritius in either the banking or any finance related domains. Am ready to give my full potential even if am unpaid as long as am getting real job experience. Looking forward to hear from you soon.Thanks:)


  30. Yash says:

    Hello Admin,
    I’m a citizen of Mauritius and student of Université Des Mascareignes situated at Beau Plan, Pamplemouses in Mauritius. i am currently following a BSc(Hons)/ License Technologique in Banking and Financial Services and as part of the third year program, a twelve-week industrial internship is scheduled from 7 April to 27 June 2014. i would be very grateful if you could provide me with an internship.
    Thank you very much :)
    Regards Yash

    • admin says:

      Hello Yash, this is an international program for foreign students who wish to come to Mauritius to do their internships there. While it is not intended for Mauritian citizens, there isn’t actually any rule that would prevent one from applying. I just strongly recommend that you read the entire program description to make sure you understand how the program works. For example, it doesn’t let you choose a location! This isn’t a problem for international students, because they have to make their housing arrangements anyway, but a local student like you may expect to live with his or her parents and that may not be possible. Also pay attention to the fact that – because it’s a program for foreigners who can’t receive wages – you won’t receive any wage either. If you still wish to apply, please let us know.

  31. Antish LUTCHEEGADOO says:

    Dear Madam/Sir,
    i am a third year student of Bsc(Hons.)/Licence Technologique in Accounting and Finance from the Université des Mascareignes situated at Beau Plan,Mauritius. i am searching for an internship starting from 7 April 2014-27 June 2014. If the internship is related to the accounting and finance department , it will be a major benefit for my research work . Work without pay is not a problem for me .

    Thank you for your time

    • admin says:

      Hello Antish, sounds great, even your timing is good. More in email, just.. Unless you already have, take a look at some of the comments above you. You know, those about this actually being an international program, etc.

  32. David Patel says:

    Dear madam/sir , i am david patel from india i am 12th pass student and i wish to do some internship abroad please help me if there is any internship programmes related hospitality and tourism management please help me out .looking forward to hear from you soon. thankyou.
    David Patel

  33. Sarah Jane says:

    Dear Admin,
    I’m Sarah Jane and i’m from UK. I’m doing my Msc in International Hospitality and Tourism Management.
    I want to do an internship for 9-12 months in the respective department. I will be grateful if you can help me with some internship programmes.
    Thank you!
    Looking forward for your response!
    Best Regards,
    Sarah Jane.

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