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Internships USA – J1 Visa Sponsorship

Internship USA - International student with J1 internship visa works as an intern in the USA

Intern J1 Visa Sponsorship

Duration: up to 18 months (12 in hospitality)
Season: any
Program Start: any time
Program Fee: From $1,077 (see the “Prices” tab)
Age: 18+
Student Status: varies, see the “Eligibility” tab
Participants from: All countries
When to apply: About 2 months before start
Paid: Yes


Do you have your U.S. internship arranged and all you need now is the internship/training J1 Visa?

Contact us today! We’ll assist you with completing the paperwork. You can be good to good to go in as few as 4 weeks!

Commonly sponsored fields

Accounting Engineering Journalism
Advertising Finance Law
Architecture Graphic Design Logistics and Materials Management
Business Management Hospitality&Tourism Sales&Marketing
Film/Video Production Hotel Management Media&Communications
Computer Programming Human Resources Public Administration
Culinary Arts/Chef Training Computer Sciences Fashion Merchandising
Economics International Business Web/Multimedia Management
Laboratory work Real Estate Radio/TV Broadcasting Technology
Banking Construction Management Insurance
Investments&Securities Non-Profit Management Political Science&Government
Public Relations Urban Studies Networking & TeleCommunications

And many more! Altogther 100 fields sponsored. Contact us if your field is not listed.

Fields that can not be sponsored

Child care or elder care Social work
Sports Physical Therapy
No teaching/education of any kind Work that involves patient care or contact
Medicine of any kind, including dentistry and veterinary medicine Medication, or other clinical or medical care
Unskilled work, see the official US Government list of Unskilled Occupations Business-related programs in hotels, resorts, inns, or restaurants (see the “How it works” tab for details)

Key Points


  • up to 18 months, your choice
  • up to 12 months in hospitality fields

When to apply:

  • At least 2 months prior to your desired program start date.


  • anywhere in the USA

Commonly sponsored fields:

  • Architecture
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Business Management
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Hotel Management
  • Information Technology
  • Law & Public Administration
  • Marketing
  • Media & Communications
  • Sales

Fields that can’t be sponsored:

  • Medicine of any kind, including dentistry and veterinary medicine
  • Child care or elder care
  • Early childhood education
  • Work that involves patient care or contact
  • Therapy, medication, or other clinical or medical care
  • Sports or physical therapy, psychological counseling, nursing, speech therapy
  • Social work
  • Unskilled work, see the official US Government list of Unskilled Occupations
  • Business-related programs in hotels, resorts, inns, or restaurants, see the “How it works” tab for more information.

Start dates:

  • Any, depends only on the arrangement between you and your employer


  • Not required.
  • Unpaid internships can be sponsored, as long as applicant shows proof of sufficient financial resources to cover his or her living expenses in the USA.


  • Not a part of the program, you arrange your accommodation independently.


  • You must use the approved, program sponsor-arranged insurance.
  • See the “Prices” tab for the cost.
  • You are free to arrange additional insurance on your own if you wish.
  • APEX Foundation does not offer any support regarding any insurance.

Important: Many insurance policies do not cover work. Since you will be working in the USA, make absolutely sure that your own additional  insurance, if you decide to arrange it, covers injuries sustained while working!

How it works

The procedure
if you already have your internship arranged

You and your employer complete the forms that you get from us, get interviewed, you pay the fees, get the visa documents, apply for your visa and you are good to go.

You, your employer and your proposed training plan must be approved. I.e. you must meet the eligibility requirements (see the “Eligibility” tab). Your employer must meet the requirements set forth below on this tab (scroll down), and your training must clearly be in your field of study or career field.

For the detailed procedure, see “How to apply”.

If nothing is missing in your paperwork, and you, your employer and your training plan clearly meet the requirements, you may be able to leave in as few as 4-5 weeks.

Finding an Internship
where to start if you haven’t your internship arranged yet
Visa Types
what Visa you can apply for

J1 Internship Visa
This visa can be issued to current full-time tertiary students (university or college), or to recent graduates up to 12 months after graduation. Keep in mind that the 12 months really concern the visa, i.e. when you already go to the US embassy with all your paperwork in hand to apply for one. You have to apply for the program earlier than that. This visa is good for up to 12 months.

J1 Trainee Visa
This visa is for non-students. This means either persons who graduated from a tertiary educational instutution (university or college) with a bachelor’s degree or higher, who have at least 1 year of demonstrable work experience in their field. Or persons without university/college education in their field, but who have at least 5 years of demonstrable work experience in that field.

where you can go

Anywhere in the USA
From Sand Diego to Boston, from Miami to Anchorage or Honolulu. Simply, your internship or trainee placement can be located anywhere in the United States of America.

What company can become your host employer

Employers must:

  • Not be a home-based business
  • Have more than 25 employees or more than $3 million in revenue1
  • Have a US Federal Identification Number
  • Have a Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) Number2
  • Have an active Worker’s Compensation Insurance Policy3
  • Provide full-time (min. 32 hours/week), professional level positions4 for interns and trainees
  • Be able to provide continuous on-site supervision of interns and trainees.
  • Have an English-language website that provides a description and verification of your company’s business activities5
  • Have a business or company email address (cannot be hotmail, gmail, etc.)
  • Sign a Host Employer Agreement form.
  • Create and sign a Training/Internship Placement Plan (DS-7002).
  • Maintain a full-time employee to intern/trainee ratio of at least 3:1.
  • Provide structured and guided training, and do not use this program for regular work purposes
  • Consent to be visited, upon request, by the program sponsor staff during your program.

1If your company has fewer than 25 employees or less than $3 million in revenue, the sponsors are required by the State Department to perform a site visit prior to approving you for the program.
2Employers that do not have a DUNS number may provide a copy of business license or registration.
3A proof must be submitted, a suitable form comes with the program application
4Work must not involve more than 20% clerical or basic work
5 If you do not have a website, you must submit professional marketing materials describing your business activities and a copy of your business registration, and consent to a site visit by the program sponsor.

Hotel Placement Requirements
if you want to work in Hotel Management, Hospitality, Hotel Food & Beverage

Acceptable types of Hotels and Inns

  • Should be a 3-star/diamond or higher establishment (ranked by AAA or Mobil)
  • If unranked, will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Acceptable types of Tasks and Job Activities

The regulations allow for up to 20% clerical or basic work in order for the intern to learn the basics. However, once the basics are learned, the majority of the intern’s tasks should be advanced or management-level tasks.

Always Acceptable

  • Front desk
  • Concierge
  • Hotel/restaurant inventory – management/buying

Sometimes Acceptable

  • Business areas within the hotel (as part of a back-of-house rotation)
  • Serving/Hosting (only for one rotation as part of an F&B training – no more than 20% of the internship)
  • Housekeeping (only for one rotation as part of a housekeeping manager training – no more than 20% of the internship)
  • Catering/banquets (only if training to be catering/event manager)
  • Food preparation (no short order – must be professional culinary training)
  • Guest services (if part of hotel management training – no room service, dry cleaning, shoe-shining, etc.)

Never Acceptable

  • Valet
  • Bellhop
  • Dishwashing
  • Laundry
  • Bussing tables
  • Bartending

These are only general guidelines – all hotel Training Plans and applications are still considered on a case-by-case basis.

Restaurant Management
if you want to work in a restaurant

Permitted types of restaurants

  • Full-service, sit-down, or fine dining restaurants
  • Major U.S. sit-down dining chains (TGI Friday’s, Outback, Olive Garden, etc.)
  • Full-service banquet hall

Prohibited types of restaurants

  • Fast-food chains (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Steak N’Shake, etc.)
  • Takeout or delivery restaurants
  • Mall/strip mall/boardwalk/toll plaza restaurants, kiosks, or stands
  • Roadside stands

Types of tasks and job activities

The regulations allow for up to 20% clerical or basic work in order for the intern to learn the basics. However, once the basics are learned, the majority of the intern’s tasks should be advanced or management-level tasks.

Always Acceptable

  • Restaurant inventory – management/buying
  • Catering management/event planning
  • Staff training and development

Sometimes Acceptable

  • Business areas within the restaurant (as part of a back-of-house rotation)
  • Serving/hosting (only for one rotation in order to learn the basics – no more than 20% of the internship)

Never Acceptable

  • Cashier
  • Dishwashing
  • Bussing tables
  • Bartending
  • Food preparation/delivery

These are only general guidelines – all restaurant Training Plans and applications are still considered on a case-by-case basis.

which one to choose

Many people don’t realize that accommodation cost about the same, if not more, than the program itself! This holds true in the USA, as well as in Australia, in the UK and other places. Choosing the right accommodation option is therefore an important decision.

As you will be arranging your accommodation yourself, you may appreciate the following basics regarding accommodation in the USA. Start by talking to your host employer about the city or neighborhood where you will be working and the neighborhoods they recommend: What are the best websites, newspapers, or other resources people use in the area to look for housing.

Renting an apartment by yourself will provide you with the most freedom and comfort. It can, however be a very expensive to pay for a place to live just by yourself.

A cost-efficient way to live in an apartment in a large city like New York is to share an apartment with other people. You agree to divide responsibilities and payment of rent and bills. Roommates can be found through word of mouth once you arrive in the US or through websites, such as Roommates.com (see resources below).

Another option is to sublet an apartment from a tenant who leaves for a period of time – a few months or longer. You assume the responsibilities of paying rent and bills and the original tenant assumes all responsibilities under the lease.

To rent, share, or sublet an apartment, you are typically required to provide a photo ID, a letter from an employer with salary information or proof of sufficient funds from home, bank account information, and checks/travelers’ checks.

Dormitory-style apartments and university housing
Dormitories typically have a greater sense of community and social interaction and will allow you to meet other students and young professionals. Most often, dormitory-style and university housing will require you to share a bedroom and bathroom with other individuals. Most dormitories also provide essential housing needs, such as furnished rooms, Internet access, kitchen and laundry facilities, and, in some cases, even meals.

Homestays offer participants the opportunity to improve language skills and sample American culture in a unique way by living with a US family. Participants will typically have their own bedroom and arrange to take an allotted amount of meals with the family each week.


Hostels are great for temporary accommodation while you look for something more long-term.

Resources – Where to Look

Apartment Rentals/Sublets



Financial Guide
how much it will all cost

This is not a promise! This is a guide intended to give you a general idea about some of the numbers. Your own experience may be different! You can expect to make about $7.50 to $8.50 per hour (see USA median wages for example in the service sector). Some students are paid more, depending on their position, the company they work for and how good employees they are. Some participants make over $1o per hour. We chose Columbus, Ohio as an example of mid-range city as far as accommodation costs are concerned.


Duration: 18 months
Program fee: $2,233
Insurance: 18 months * $37 = $666
Accommodation: Roomshare $300/mo * 18 months = $5,400
Work: 40 hrs/wk @ $8/hr * 77 weeks = $24,640

Under this scenario, you will be left with $19,240 to cover your other expenses, having fun in the USA and bringing some money back home.

Try more scenarios and cost/income/location combinations yourself. All prices are shown on the “Prices” tab.


Interns and Trainees (see “How it works” for employer eligibility)

Internship J1 Visa

Age: 18 – 38
Student status: full-time tertiary student1, 2, or up to 12 months after graduation
Experience: some work experience in the field expected
Required languages: English
Required level: Advanced (~IELTS 6.0)
Nationality: Nationals of all countries are eligible to apply
Type of visa: Internship J1 Visa

Trainee J1 Visa

Age: 18 – 38
Student status: Min. Bachelor’s Degree3, or 5 years of demonstrable experience in the field4
Experience: With degree min. 1 year, without degree min 5 years
Required languages: English
Required level: Advanced (~IELTS 6.0)
Nationality: Nationals of all countries are eligible to apply
Type of visa: Trainee J1 Visa

1 of an educational institution outside the USA
2 at least half-way through the degree program
3 granted by an educational institution outside the USA
4 obtained while working outside the USA


  • All fees are subject to change without notice.
  • All bank transfer fees are always born by the participant regardless of the direction of the transfer.
Application Processing Fee: $100
non-refundable, includes:
  • Guidance though the entire application process from initial inquiry until your departure for the USA
  • Processing your program application
  • Processing your employer-written training plan
  • Pre-screening Interview (required by law, only Skype-Skype interviews are included, phone interviews are charged extra)
  • Processing your payment to the program sponsor
  • Transferring materials and communication between you and your program sponsor until your departure for the USA
  • Responding to your email questions until your departure for the USA
  • Check APEX Foundation Terms & Conditions for more details
Program Fee
depends on the duration of your program:
Duration 1-6 months 7- 12 months 13-18 months
Program Fee $1,077 $1,655 $2,233


  • Evaluating your application and Training Plan
  • Evaluating your employer company for the purpose of the J1 visa eligibility
  • Supplying you with the necessary visa paperwork
  • J1-Visa sponsorship (DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility) if approved
  • Transfer of the SEVIS fee (below) to the U.S. Government
  • I-901 SEVIS Payment Confirmation
  • Acceptance packet with additional program information
  • 24/7/365 Emergency contact service operated by your visa sponsor
SEVIS Fee: $180
This fee is charged by the US Government and is not refundable.
  • The amount covers the entire program.
  • It doesn’t depend on how long you will stay.
Site Visit: $250
see the “How it works” tab for which employers must be visited

This is a one-time fee ordinarily paid by the employer, rather than the participant. Once the employer is accepted into the program, the visa sponsor never charges this fee again and the employer is free to hire international interns as desired in future.

Insurance: $37 per month
Mandatory insurance, not refundable*:
  • The program requires you to purchase the accident/sickness insurance arranged by the program sponsor.
  • The insurance is paid together with the program fee and may not be declined.
  • It’s the minimum insurance required by US Federal regulations for this program.
  • You must purchase it for every month covered by your DS-2019 form, plus 30 days.
  • Example: you want to work for 95 days = buy 4 months of insurance plus 30 days = 5 months.
  • APEX Foundation is not involved in arranging this insurance and offers no assistance with it.
  • Tip: We recommend that you also buy an additional insurance in your country. Partly you may get better coverage than this minimum insurance, but most importantly, in the case of any problems with covering your medical costs, you will be able to deal with the insurance company in your native language.

*If you happen to cancel so soon after you paid your fees that your program sponsor haven’t yet made the payment for you to the insurance company, you will be refunded the amount you paid for insurance. There is no specific time-frame set when the sponsor makes these payments.

Miscellaneous Fees
not everybody pays them:
  • Reprint of lost or damaged DS-2019: $40 plus shipping
Cancellations & Refunds
if you have to cancel
  • Application rejected by visa sponsor: Program Fee less $200 is refunded
  • Cancellation prior to issuance of DS-2019: Program Fee less $300 is refunded
  • Cancellation after issuance of DS-2019 (prior to receiving visa): Program Fee less $450 is refunded
  • Cancellation because of visa denial: Program Fee less $100 is refunded
  • Cancellation after visa was issued: $40 for each remaining whole month of the program is refunded
  • Self-arranged placement found by the visa sponsor to have been forged: No refund
  • Submitting any forged documents, certificates or untrue information will result in being canceled from the program with no refund.
  • Once a DS-2019 Form is issued, any refund request will only be processed once the original DS-2019 Form has been returned to APEX Foundation.
  • In the event a refund sent according to the applicant’s instructions is returned by a bank or the postal service as undeliverable or unclaimed, $20 administrative fee plus expenses are charged for each subsequent refund attempt.

How to Apply

The procedure:
  1. If you already have your internship arranged, contact us to ask for the application packet.
  2. After you receive it, send your employer the DS7002 Training Plan form and form for proof of employee insurance.
  3. In the meantime, you will complete the application and collect all required accompanying documents, especially the proofs of your existing work experience in your field.
  4. Your employer will send the Training Plan and the proof of employee insurance to you.
  5. You will sign that you accept the training plan and send the whole package to us together with the Application Processing Fee.
  6. If your application is done correctly, we will arrange for a Skype interview with you.
  7. If there’s no clearly apparent reason why your application should not be approved, we’ll send you instructions for payment of the program fee.
  8. Your application packet and payment is then sent to your visa sponsor.
  9. Your visa sponsor will interview you again over Skype and will get in touch with your employer. Some employers have to be visited in person before being approved, see the “How it works” tab for which ones require the visit.
  10. Once you, your employer and your training plan are all finally approved, your visa sponsor will issue your “Certificate of Eligibility”, with which you’ll go apply for your visa.
  11. Once your visa is granted, you can leave for the USA and start your Internship/Training.

While this procedure may look intimidating, it can in fact take as few as 4-5 weeks! What slows things down is mainly:

  1. Your placement appears to possibly be just a semi-skilled job in America, rather than a genuine internship/training. It then takes time to verify that this is not really the case.
  2. Your paperwork is missing some parts, signatures (very common), or is not filled out according to the instructions. It takes time to send different documents back and forth between you and us.

In most cases it’s the best to apply at least 2 months prior to your planned departure. However check also with your local USA embassy how long it will take you to get a slot for your visa interview.


Can I apply with a friend?

Yes. So long as you are both eligible and employers of both of you meet the requirements.

Where can I do my internship?

Anywhere in the United States of America.

I am from – insert your country – can I submit an application?

Yes. The program is available to applicants from all countries.

I am not a student, can I participate?

Yes. Check the “Visa Types” on the “How it works” tab.

I am a student, but not studying for a degree, can I participate?

Depends. The regulations stipulate a degree or professional certificate program in a college, university, or other post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S.  Typically the only professional certificate programs approved are for culinary/hospitality.  Otherwise, most other professional areas will require a degree.  If you are pursuing vocational school, for example to become an electrician, then you are not qualified.

What job placements are acceptable for internship/training?

See “Key Points” and “How it works” above.

How long can I stay in the USA?

You can stay until the date shown in your I-94 card. The Internship program can last up to 12 months, the Trainee Program up to 18 months, except in hospitality, where it can also last just 12 months.

I like it here, can I extend my program?

No. But you can apply again.

Can I repeat the program?

Yes. Interns must return to school for at least one term before reapplying for the Intern visa.  Trainees must wait at least 2 years after the end of a previous J-1 Intern or Trainee program. This applies to all participants and is not related to Rule 212(e).

What wage I can expect?

You are required to be paid the same prevailing wage as an American citizen of the same age and education and experience level. Expect between $7.50 and $10 per hour.

Can I choose my employer?

Yes. With this program, you are arranging, or have already arranged, your placement on your own. Check in “Key Points” and “How it works” above which employers and positions are acceptable.

Can I change my employer?

Yes, but.. Technically it is possible, but it will basically involve assembling the complete application package again, having your employer and your training plan approved and finally getting approval from the US authorities. You will also have to pay the program fees again.

Can I work in a second job alongside my internship?

No.  You don’t have a blank permission to work in America. You only have permission to engage in your internship/training with an approved employer and according to the approved training plan.

I am currently not a student, can I participate?

Yes. This program is opened for everybody.

I have never been university/college student, can I participate?

Yes. You just have to demonstrate that you have at least 5 years of work experience in your career field.

I want an internship in a different field than which I studied, is that possible?

Yes. You just have to demonstrate that you have at least 5 years of work experience in the field in which you want to do your internship.

Can the program pay for itself?

Possibly. See “Financial Guide” on the “How it works” tab.

I received my degree from inside the U.S. Do I qualify for the program?

No. To be eligible for the program, the regulations state that your degree must be earned in a post-secondary institution outside of the U.S.

My work experience was in the U.S. Do I qualify for the program?

No. Per the regulations for the program, only experience earned outside the U.S. is counted towards your eligibility. Therefore, you must first earn sufficient work experience outside the U.S. in order to be eligible.

Can I submit recommendations from U.S. employers/professors?

Yes. You should submit two letters of recommendation from employers/professors from outside the U.S. who can comment on the education and work experience you have gained outside the U.S.

How do I prove I have the requisite work experience for the Trainee visa?

Through letters of recommendation in English from your past employers. If entire English letters of recommendation can not be obtained, a letter simply stating your dates of employment may be considered.



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  1. admin says:

    Comment removed. Please use English when commenting. Thank you.

  2. praveen says:

    HI my name is praveen basically i am looking forwoard for J1 visa but i got 2.5 year exprice and currently i m food and beverage supervisor in marriott hotel. Do you think i would be eligible for J1 visa

    • admin says:

      Hi Praveen, have a look at the Eligibility tab in the program description above. For the Intern J-1 visa, you must be a full-time tertiary student or at the most 6 months after graduation. For the Trainee J-1 visa, you must have at least 5 years of demonstrable work experience in your field. That’s the law, not our decision. We are preparing internships in Australia though. When would you like to start your internship?

  3. irakli says:

    Hello, my name is irakli, i am 28 years old. I am looking forward for J1 visa, I got 6 years work experiance in human resources managment , Also I got 2 years work experiance at civil and administrative law. Today i am working in local government sistem. Is it aligible for me to get j1 visa???

    • admin says:

      Dear Irakli, like most commenters, you forgot to mention what country you are from :-) Also if you possibly have a degree and if so, in which field. So please, let us know. Otherwise we can’t give you an answer. Finally, as any training or internship must be strictly in your field of study or career field, and you seem to have done several different things, please let us know in which field you are planning to find your internship and what degree you have in that field and how many years of demonstrable work experience.

  4. Asmaa says:

    Hello am Asmaa, Actually i’m searching for an internship in the USA with visa sponsorship, but i didn’t find till now. am student in master level, and i wanna do my master in the US. Could you tell me how you can help me out to find the appropriate internship with visa sponsorship?
    Thank you
    I am waiting your prompt respond.

    • admin says:

      Dear Ismaa, I’m not sure if you tried to read the program description, but this program doesn’t arrange any internships! It offers sponsorship of the intern/trainee visa, because you can’t apply for this visa without having a US Government-designated visa sponsor. I.e. you find your own internship placement, and then apply to this program to get the visa sponsorship to be able to apply for the J1 Intern/Trainee visa. If you want to do this, read carefully the program description though. There are many rules that you, your employer and your training plan must comply with. Feel free to ask if you don’t understand some of the rules.

  5. Asmaa says:

    Sorry i mean i wanna do my *internship in the US not (my master)

  6. Irene says:

    Hi, I’m Irene from Indonesia. I am 20 YO, from STP Bali.
    How to get the J1 visa? i need to get the on the job training on my third semester (August 2012)

    • admin says:

      Hi Irene, simple, apply for this program, that’s what it does. We are currently waiting for re-certification, but should be able to resume accepting applications shortly.

  7. Christopher says:

    Hi, I’m going for a J1 trainee visa, but am getting mixed messages from all directions. Just a couple of things really; what would be the definition of “demonstrable work experience”, ie. what would I have to show in order to prove such work experience? And is it accurate that I will need a set number of “letters of recommendation”, and would these have to be from employers/people directly related to said work experience? Cheers :-)

    • admin says:

      Hello Christopher! Don’t mix messages :-) It’s simple. Demonstrable means that you enclose references from the employers whom you claim you worked for. A set number is a nonsense. If you worked for 5 years for one employer, you quite naturally enclose just one reference letter. If you worked for five employers during five years, you enclose a reference letter from each of them. The minimum required length of experience depends on several factors, but it’s still pretty simple. Scroll up and explore the “Eligibility” section :-)

  8. aditya says:

    hi ,,,,,,,, i wanna know that whats the maximum wages i can xpect to have while being on j1 internship training in 5 star hotels normally.gve me some ideas,in llumsum….

    • admin says:

      Hi Aditya, we have no idea what might be the highest one. Interns get generally paid either nothing, in case of unpaid internships, or the minimum wage. That’s the whole reason why employers hire interns. But try simply typing your question into Google. Play a bit with the wording to get the right result. You will find all kinds of sites with wage information. But make sure it’s sorted by the region, the wage will be different in New York City than in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Just like the living costs.

  9. semi says:

    i am a graduate student in france and i did my undergraduate degree in the us. i am planning on doing a gap year next year and would like to go to back to the states for few months. there is company that is interested in me, but they do not offer sponsorships. can i still apply to your program and “sponsor” myself?


    • admin says:

      Hi Semi, yes, absolutely! This is the program for people like you! You have the placement, but you don’t have the sponsorship. You will not “sponsor” yourself, you’ll just assemble all the paperwork – with our guidance. Contact us over email and let us know what is your field of study. Your job placement must be in the same field, that’s very much the only limitation. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  10. LOK says:

    I would like to have more detail about the J1 program for USA and about internship program for Australia and UK if if your company provides it. Currently Please let me know if I am eligible for the programs that are offered by your company.

  11. saru says:

    hello i am an indian doing my masters in communications and signal processing in germany ,i would like to
    do internship or thesis in USA in my field.firstly,is there any possibility of a company sponsorsip for visa and funding .secondly,if not by sponshorship kindly guide me with other details.

    • admin says:

      Dear Saru, the program is described in great detail above. It will arrange the sponsorship of your visa, you can not apply for this special visa on your own without having a US Government-designated visa sponsor. We do not arrange funding though.

  12. saroj says:

    Hi ,
    I am Saroj from Nepal. i have lots of experienced on the profession of security guard as well as cook .Now I am so much interested to work as intern at one of this field in USA. So could you give me some suggest to choose the field which would be better for applying the J-1 visa sponsorship?

    • admin says:

      Dear saroj, unfortunately you can only do internship/training in a field in which you hold at least a BA degree.

  13. Viridiana says:

    Hi I’m from Mexico and I would like to know if I do a j1 internship for one year in Dallas TX can I aply for another j1 internship in L. A. CA again after finished it or do I have to stay in Mexico for 2 years before I can come back to USA??

    • admin says:

      Hi Viridiana, depends on what you program really is. If it really is internship, then you need to study outside the USA for at least one term, before you can re-apply for the visa. If, on the other hand, your program was actually a training, than you can re-apply after 2 years outside the USA. “Outside the USA” doesn’t mean in your home country, you could perhaps do a Work & Travel in South Africa or an internship there – just an idea.

  14. Yolanda LIU says:

    I am a chinese student and study in France now, I have a training plan about 3 months in USA. I have already applied for B1/B2 visa.But the embassy USA in paris ask me to offer DS 2019 and DS 7002.Now my visa is checked.Can you help me to get DS 2019 and DS 7002?

    • admin says:

      Hi Yolanda, that’s correct, you can not do internship on B1/B2 visa. You need J1 visa. This is exactly what this program is for – to get the visa sponsorship and all the necessary paperwork. Please, get in touch by email and send us your CV and mainly your training plan.

  15. rico says:

    hi, i saw those email above, I’m Indonesian, is it easy for Indonesian, to have a j1 visa? and what kind of method that your going to interview when my Cv meet the requirements. and how much money that we spend? and last question is should we come to your agency in Indonesia?.

    • admin says:

      Hi rico, before we begin, please send the name of the company for which you’ll be working in the USA and the URL of their website to our email address. Thank you!

  16. Ben says:

    Hello, I hope you can help me with this. I am from Sweden.

    I have found an employer who is willing to hire me but now I am getting scared that through a misunderstanding at my latest MA course, I might not be eligable.

    So here is what I bring to the table:


    – BFA 3 years (not directly related field) graduated, more than 4 years ago
    – BFA 3 years (related field) not graduated, 1 year short
    – MA 2 years (related field) not graduated, but very close, missing one course but completed my master thesis

    Work experience

    – Own business in a related field 1 year
    – combined 6 months Internships

    Is this enough to apply?
    Please help, I am very worried.

  17. Ben says:

    In addition I should mention that I am interested in a Trainee position of course.

    j1visa.state.gov does not state that of a trainee my original degree has to fall into the same field as field I want to train in.
    For internship this is different.

    So I would assume that as long as I can show sufficiant professional experience in the field of the trainee position, which amounts to over a year, I should be fine.

    Please correct me should I be wrong here as your wording on this site suggests different.

    Thanks you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ben, let me reply to this second post of yours to keep it simple. Both Training and Internship must always be in your field of study. The principal difference is that Internship is for students and doesn’t require existing work experience, while Training is for non-students are requires demonstrable experience in the field. So if you have your internship/training arranged in your field, email us the name of the company where you’ll be working, the URL of their website and what exactly you’ll be doing there. And yes, what exactly is your field of study, that’s not clear so far.

  18. Jojo says:

    I hv done my bachelor in commerce & got associates degree in charter accountancy want to get 3 year proffessional experience from best companies in us how can I go for through j1 visa or h1b and can u guide me the process thank you so much

    • admin says:

      Hello Jojo, to begin, please email us the name of the company in which you are going to work in the USA, the URL of their website and what exactly you will be doing there.

  19. Jojo says:

    I hv done my degrees from India and want to get my experience from USA as intern for 3 years can you tell me the name & URL of the companies who sponsor international interns for paid internships will be waiting for ur reply thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Jojo, we do the sponsorship. You are asking right under the sponsorship program. Just read the description and you’ll know all you need.

  20. Jack says:

    Hi there,

    I’m a UK citizen, and recently completed a year long J-1 internship in the US. At the end of the program in September 2011, I returned home for a while. I am having trouble getting H1B sponsorship to come back over to the USA, but am looking at whether I am eligible to now find and apply for a J-1 Trainee program as I’m desperate to come back.

    Other friends on my original J-1 intern course managed to stay on under the H-1B visa, so I know there was no ‘stay out of the USA’ condition of the visa. But can I apply for another J-1 visa?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!


    • admin says:

      Hello Jack, if you are still a student, you can reapply after at least one term in school. If you are not, you have to wait two years. This has nothing to do with the “two year rule”, it’s specific to the J1 trainee visa and it just happens to be two years long too. See FAQ for this program.

  21. Julia says:

    I’m from Sydney Australia and interested in completing a summer internship in New York in June 2012 with a program called Dream Careers. As I graduated from University in March 2012 (this year) I fear that I won’t be eligible for a j1 visa because it would be just over the 12 month period which is a requirement for this type of visa. I was thinking of going back to uni and doing postgrad work mid year 2012 (which is 1 semester in duration). Would this better my chances of meeting the j1 visa requirements if I become a student again? If so, do I have to be a full time student? And would I then be classified as a recent graduate upon the completing of that post grad certificate? This is all very confusing to me and any help would be much appreciated. If there is any other way around this that doesn’t require me enrolling as a student again please let me know!

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Julia, scroll up and read carefully what’s written under the “Eligibility” tab. If you fall either under the intern or trainee category, you are fine.

  22. Arpit says:

    I’m an indian citizen on a Tier 4 Student Visa in the UK. I have been offered a job in the US for 1 year as part of my internship year. Hence, I am applying for a J-1 visa. I will return to the UK to complete my studies after the internship.
    Do I need to apply to the US consulate in London or should I return to my home country and then apply to a US consulate? Where will I get the visa easily?

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comment. You can not apply for the J1 Intern/Trainee visa by yourself. You must have a US Government-designated visa sponsor. More in email.

  23. yan says:

    hi, im yan. i’ve already an internship placement at new orleans. i’ll be leaving this june. but i was thingking to have a second job if i have a time and if my schedule are fix. but as i read your statement that internship doesnt allow to have a second job. what should i do? how’s that self arranged? can you explain it to me. thanks!

  24. nashat says:

    hi my name is nashat from jordan i got j1 visa in 2009 i wana appliy for intrenship this year
    so can i sand you me c.v ?

    • admin says:

      Hello Nashat, please email us the name of the company for which you will be working in the USA and the URL of their website.

  25. Kristaps says:

    Comment removed. Please, use English for commenting. Thank you.

  26. frano says:

    Hello! Im Frano (29), a graduate physical therapist (4 years work experience), I sent my diploma for verification in Miami, then I’ll start searching for internship in the USA. how to find patronage? what is my next step? help help;)

    • admin says:

      Dear Frano, sadly, your field can not be sponsored. Scroll up and click on the “Key Points” tab and read “Fields that can’t be sponsored” there. This is the case in most developed countries. There are unpaid medical-related internships available in developing countries, in Latin America, Africa and India. We don’t arrange those, but if you are interested, we’d be willing to find for you where to look in exchange for your sharing with us how the program went.

  27. Milan says:

    Hai i’m a BHM student looking for my 6 months training in USA do you have any programs like this. i would like to do my training in 5 star hotels.

    • admin says:

      Hello Milan, this is a visa sponsorship program, check the first sentence of the program description: “Do you have your U.S. internship arranged and all you need now is the internship/training J1 Visa? Contact us today! We’ll assist you with completing the paperwork.” But do you realize what this means? You can start looking for your dream position as if you were an American! Because once you find it, we’ll handle the visa for you!

  28. Good morning. My name is WILSON. Please need work in U.S.A. I`m account thecnical and english teacher . I like work in U.S.
    buenos dias me lla mo wilson suarez, me gusstaria trabajar en Estados Unidos. en mi pais Ecuador tengo experiencia como tegnologo en contabilidad y tambien tengo experiencia como profesor de ingles basico de colegio secuendario. por favor solicito informacion para poder trabajar en el extranjero.
    gracias por su atencion.

  29. Syed jeff hussain says:

    Good Evening!
    Myself Syed Jeff Hussain I am pursuing 3 year degree in BA in hospitality Management from ENU at Internationa lnstitute of Hotel Management(KOLKATA). Presently I am in second year and I want to do my Industrial training in hotel for 6 month from USA. But because of my Age i.e. 17years (01-01-1995) that i have given in my passport,my college is not allowing me to go USA for 6 month Intership in hotel.
    I ,therefore, request you kindly arrange my internship if can overcome to this kind of problem. my intership program will begin in 1st week november.
    I hope to hear a positive reply from your end.
    kindly give me your appropriate email ID so that i can send you my resume details.

    • admin says:

      Dear Sayed, this is a visa sponsorship program. It handles the paperwork for people who already have their internship arranged and now need the visa to be able to work in the USA. The benefit for you is that the visa is taken out of the picture. Which means that you can go ahead and look for a suitable job in the USA as if you were an American! Read the requirements that your job/employer must meet and then just start your job hunting as if you weren’t a foreign national!

  30. priya says:

    Hello, I am Priya from INDIA.I am persuing my M.sc final year with Clinical nutrition specialization.. I want to do my Ph.d in usa .Am i eligible for J1 visa and if yes what are the requirements that are to fulfilled by me..Awaiting for your reply..

    • admin says:

      Hello Priya, we can’t tell. We don’t know anything about you. Scroll up and click on the “Eligibility” tab, it shows the requirements for this program. If you don’t understand something, ask! And just BTW, nobody is eligible for “J1 visa”. J1 is a category, not a specific visa. You always need to check the eligibility for the specific program that you have in mind. Just to share a bit of knowledge :-)

  31. Kirti Nalavadi says:

    Hello am Kirti, i require Internship abroad for a period of 6 months in a reputed hotel, starting from November’ 2012 till April’ 2013 as a part of the curriculum specified under the course by the College/University. Am student of bachelors in hotel management studying in Bangalore and my age is 37yrs, i hope there is no age bar for some countries, please suggest.

    • admin says:

      Hello Kirti, this is not a placement program. This is a visa sponsorship program. Please, re-read the very first sentence of the program description. Once you arrange your internship, we’ll be happy to help you with the sponsorship necessary for obtaining the J1 Intern/Trainee visa.

  32. Uche Titus says:

    I am Uche from Nigeria, i have work in hospitality for the past 5 years cook. How can i get intern programs?

    • admin says:

      Hello Uche, yes, just make sure 1. You, 2. Your employer and 3. Your training plan meet the requirements.

  33. vanessa says:


    I am from Canada, I am 19 and have recently been accepted for an internship in New York this coming September. I have a certificate of study in both college and highschool. And have about 2 years expiernce with various companies that pertain to my internship field. I am wondering who i can contact in order to obtain the J1 DS2019 and other forms. about how much would this all cost?

    • admin says:

      Hello Vanessa, simple! You contact us. And the prices are shown on the “Prices” panel, just scroll up and have a look.

  34. Ricky says:

    I’ve a question regarding the j1 training visa.
    Do you think a visa would be denied at the consulate or at the POE for a bar supervisor positions?
    Provided that I have experience and the sponsor grants me the proper form.

    • admin says:

      Hello Ricky, it depends. The trainee visa is for management positions. So if it’s a large bar with many employees and you would actually do things like ordering, inventory, shift scheduling, training new employees, reporting for payroll, licencing compliance, etc., in other words you would not actually work in the bar, it would most likely be OK. If you want to just work in a bar then the employer needs to get H2B labor certification and just hire you as an employee. It’s unlikely you’d get sponsorship for the latter these days. the Department of State got extremely tough on J1 visa abuse and most sponsors want to remain sponsors – they won’t put their designation on stake for one DS2019. Or go to South Africa, working in bars is very popular among internationals and the Work & Travel South Africa program is good for a year. Read the eligibility requirements.

      • Ricky says:

        Yes it is bar inside a restaurant of an airport.
        I appreciate your response.My working experience is indeed in hospitality because I worked as a waiter during university. But being a waiter is not really my aspiration (I studied differently at the university) so should I have problems relating this factor and the training I will be doing as a bar supervisor?

        • admin says:

          Hello Ricky, first of all, you need to scroll up to the program description, click on the “How it works” panel, and read the requirements that the employer, and specifically a hospitality employer, must meet. It will take you 15 minutes to read it carefully, but that’s where you have to start. The reason is that you, not us, know your employer and the position that you are talking about. So you need to find out if the basic requirements are being met. If they are, we can go ahead and look at finer details and see if it makes sense to go ahead with the application or not.

  35. Ben says:

    I have been offered an Internship in the field of Design in the US, I myself am European (dual citizenship, Swedish/German).
    Though the position was classified by the sponsor as an Internship, I would also qualify for a Trainee visa as I have 1+ year of experience.

    I have been informed by another agency that the American Government has stopped accepting Internship applications till further notice, as it is under investigation of trafficking and other abuse.
    However, it appears that the Trainee visa is not affected. In that case, I would have to convince my sponsor to offer a Trainee visa, I presume?

    Can you confirm this information?

  36. jessica says:

    Hello, I wish to know if you could issue an application for an internship that will take place on november, I already found a company and i meet all requirements to apply, already called another sponsors and they told me that they are full for 2012, aren’t you too?
    I can’t understand how much cost at the and the application for a 6 moths internship, and which feed are included in 1077$, because i saw that there is a list with another feed but wich are included and wich aren’t?
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Jessica, there’s still enough DS forms at this point. The processing on our end takes just 2-3 weeks*, sometimes as few as 10 days. But this is after we receive all your documents, mistakes in them are corrected, you are interviewed and we receive all your payments. In other words, you are the one who can affect how long it takes the most. *Add 2 more weeks if site-visit is required, when it’s required is explained in the above, in the part that deals with employer eligibility on the “How it works” panel.

  37. Bk says:



  38. dr.moh says:

    I am graduate in medical field from UK and would like to work in USA, can you please guide me and give me some options on how I can pursue my career in USA. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Dr. Moh, unfortunately internships in medical fields in the USA are completely outside of all other fields. There’s only one organization designated by the US Government that can sponsor young medical professionals. You’ll find it on the US Department of State website.

  39. sherbaz says:

    hello sir madam..

    i hope all moving well with you..this is sherbaz resident of Pakistan..i am optimistic to avail this opportunity..i have one year experience in hospitality and i complete my masters i mean my education..kindly guide me am i eligible for this program ? kindly drop few words in reply

    • admin says:

      Hello Sherbaz, we don’t know anything about you, so we can’t tell. Check the “Eligibility” panel above to determine if you are eligible.

  40. surya agus jaya says:

    hi ,im surya from indonesia 35 yo, i was graduated from f&b division hotel diploma in bali. i would like to ask about the step from beggining till final how i can get the job in USA. and i would like to know how the possiblity i can get a job meanwhile its too hard for our country to get an any kind of us visa. im looking forward hearing from you here or to my email , many thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello Surya, this program doesn’t offer assistance with finding a job in the USA, only with the visa sponsorship. Please, contact us after you have your job in the USA arranged. Make sure you are eligible and your job meets the program requirements too.

  41. Hope Bautista says:

    Hi, I’am interested in J1 Internship program, but my problem is I can’t find a job/employer that suits to me. Do you help us find for a job or not? By the way im taking Hotel and Restaurant Management. Plss.. Reply ..


    • Misa says:

      Hello Hope, we do not offer assistance with finding a job in the USA, only with the visa sponsorship, i.e. with all the paperwork.

  42. Saeed says:

    Dear Admin

    I’m Saeed from Pakistan , I’ve more than five years work experience in Sales& Marketing but unfortunately my degree isn’t in Business education , I’ve graduated in humanities/liberal arts group.
    In this situation do I’ve a chance to apply for J1 Trainee visa?
    Looking forward for your kind and swift response.

    Thank you!

    • Misa says:

      Dear Saeed, for the Trainee visa you must have at least 1 year of demonstrable work experience in the field in which you hold your degree OR – and this seems to be your situation – at least 5 years of demonstrable work experience a different field than in which you hold your degree.

  43. mirna says:

    hi, i’m mirna
    i finished my 4 years of physical therapy in Cairo University.. i’ll start my internship next November.. what should i do to take my last 6 months of internship in Los Angeles ?! and if u can help me and tell me public hospitals or centres that can take me ?!!
    thank u

    • Misa says:

      Dear Mirna, unfortunately, physical therapy can not be sponsored under the intern/trainee program. You need to look at the US Department of State website for sponsoring medical programs.

  44. Hi i am christiana, a 23years final year student in economics and a ghanaian. Please i would like to know if accommodation is provided a long side the internship. Also, will i make any payments?

    • Misa says:

      Hello Christiana, accommodation is not provided in this program. You will be arranging it yourself or your host employer can make it for you. About the payments, if you mean paying the rent, it depends on how your accommodation will be arranged. If you are asking about the payment of the program fees, simply check the “How to apply” panel – everything is described there in chronological order.

  45. Aline Sapienza says:

    Hello! My name Is Aline and my boyfriend Igor and I participated in Work and Travel Program in Usa 2011/2012 and we loved it. Now we are graduated (Dec/2011) in Leisure and Tourism in Brazil and we would like to have a Work Experience in US again. We are planning to be a Trainee in an American Company. I have experiences as a intern in Travel Agency and Events and Igor has experiences in NGO about Recreation and Air Company. Do you think we are able to participate in Trainee Program? I look foward to hearing from you. Best Wishes, Aline and Igor

    • Misa says:

      Hello Aline, for the Intern visa you must be a full-time tertiary student, or within 12 months of your graduation, no experience required to receive the visa. For the Trainee visa you must have at least 1 year of demonstrable work experience in the field in which you hold your degree OR at least 5 years of demonstrable work experience a different field than in which you hold your degree. Click on “Eligibility” panel to find more details about it.

  46. Sujeet Daware says:

    My name is Sujeet Daware.I am from INDIA..28 years old. I have completed my hotel management degree from INDIA in 2007. After that I have a full time experience for 5 years in INDIA and UK and USA.Am I eligible for J-1 programme or any suitable work permit programme.Please reply Back,

    • Misa says:

      Hello Sujeet, for the Trainee visa you must have at least 1 year of demonstrable work experience in the field in which you hold your degree OR at least 5 years of demonstrable work experience (obtained while working outside the USA) a different field than in which you hold your degree. Click on “Eligibility” panel to find more details about it.

  47. Yun says:

    Where can I find the list of current sponsors for J-1 VISA? Looking forward to hearing from you.

  48. Mike says:

    hi i hold a degree in Education but my field of study is Business and computing can i still participate on the internship programe as in can i use the business aspect of y degree to work in a business field. would really love to know

    • Misa says:

      Dear Mike, for the Intern visa you must be a full-time tertiary student, or within 12 months of your graduation, no experience required to receive the visa.
      For the Trainee visa you must have at least 1 year of demonstrable work experience in the field in which you hold your degree OR at least 5 years of demonstrable work experience a different field than in which you hold your degree.
      Click on “Eligibility” panel to find more details about it.

  49. neven says:

    hello maam sir,
    I am neven, I graduated last April 2011 and had my internship for a year from July 2011- July 2012, I just wanna ask if I can reapply for J1 intern or trainee this time?thanks

    • admin says:

      Hello neven, sadly, the answer is no. You must wait at least two years before you can reapply for the Intern/Trainee visa. Or at least one term, if you are still a full-time student. This has nothing to do with the so-called “2-year rule”, it’s a completely different rule, that just happens to also run for 2 years. See the FAQ’s panel for details.

  50. Maricel says:

    HI! My name is Maricel, Im from Argentina and got a terciary degree as a teacher of English in 2009. In April this year I travelled to California as an Au pair but had a very bad experience with the family and the agency so I quit the program. I would like to come back to the USA doing an internship but related to human resourses since I have been working in an agency as a human resourses assistant. I am billingual but I m not studing anything right now. Am I elegible to ask for another J1 visa again? Can I apply to work in any of this programs?
    Thanks so much.
    Have a nice day

    • admin says:

      Hello Maricel, since you are not a student, you must have either a BA or higher degree plus one year experience in a given field, or five years of experience and no degree. You don’t appear to be eligible for the Trainee Program in human resources. See the “Eligibility” panel for details.

  51. jo says:

    Hi, I have arranged a Social Work unpaid internship with a residential treatment facility in New York for 3 months commencing August 2013. I see that Social Work is a field that is not sponsored and am confused as to what visa I require for my stay and the process to obtain the approppriate one. This internship is the final component of my Bachelor of Human Services/Masters of Social Work being undertaken in Melbourne Australia. I’m hoping you can shed some light on what I need to do to get the appropriate visa for my field as I want to start organising flights, accommodation etc. before the commencement of my academic year in March 2013. Thanks for your help and look forward to hearing your reply. Cheers Jo

    • admin says:

      Hi Jo, we are not immigration law advisers. We process applications for programs listed on our website. If you, your employer, your career field or your specific training plan doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements, there’s nothing we can do for you. I suggest contacting an immigration attorney to research what visa might allow you to pursue your plan. However, it will probably be much easier, cheaper and faster to find yourself similar internship in Canada or the UK where you can work for up to one year through the Working Holiday program.

  52. Tom says:

    I am a 22 yr old Australian male. I have a bachelor degree and I am 1 year into the workforce of my field. I want to live and work in the USA via the J1 trainee visa, my field is the audio industry with specification to audio solutions for events and corporate functions etc.

    Before I apply to your site how do I find a USA business that is willing to acquire me?
    Thanks, Tom.

    • admin says:

      Hello Tom, unfortunately, we are out of the Intern/Trainee visa quota at the moment. As for finding a job – same as back at home when you look for an out of town job: the Internet. But in any case, make sure that 1. you 2. your employer 3. and your actual training program meet all requirements. Best to read the program description end-to-end. BTW, if I may suggest, try Canada instead of the USA – as an Australian, you can work there through the Working Holiday program and you’ll save thousands of dollars on US visa sponsorship.

  53. Federico says:

    Dear Administrator,

    As matter of fact I am elegible for this program and have given the IELTS test on december last year getting a score of 7 on overall qualification. I am looking for an architectural position within an architectural studio or company. Is there any openings nowadays for me to apply?. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Frederico, this program doesn’t offer placement with employers. See the very first sentence of its description.

  54. Tix says:

    If I am doing a phd, do I count as a full-time tertiary student (knowing that the internship would be related to the field of studies for the thesis)?

    If it is possible, the internship would take place two years after then end of my Master degree.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tix, it makes no difference if you’re studying for Masters or Phd. What makes a difference if you are currently a full time student or not. That determines if the Internship Program rules apply to you, or if it’s the Trainee Program that you’ll be applying for.

  55. jireh says:

    Hi, I will graduate this coming March and looking for an agency which can arrange internship for me. My course is BS psychology. I was in the US last summer for a Work Travel program and honestly love the experience. Please let me know if there is a position appropriate for me, I would love to star fixing everything that will be needed. Thank you :)

  56. Amina says:

    Dear Administrator,
    I’m 34 yrs old, front office manager working in Spanish company hotels, I’m looking for program training in USA in Hospitality and tourism.
    My question is,
    Can you please provide me the right information to be a part of one of your programs?

    Many thanks
    Best regards

  57. Anna says:


    I am interested in the J1 Trainee Visa. During my Bachelor studies I worked in my field of studies for over a year. Does that qualify as the needed experience or would I need to obtain the work experience after graduating from my Bsc?


  58. Ishwor says:

    Hello, my name is Ishwor from Nepal 34 YO. I have just finished my higher diploma in hotel management from Nepal. Currently I am doing my first internship in Australia which is for 1 year and going to finish in june. I am interested to do another internship in US. Can i apply from australia itself or do i have to apply from my own country? Will u please kindly write down the process and procedures about it in my case, would be much appreciated if u do so. Thank u.

  59. Can says:

    I am graduaded major of economics bachelor degree. can ı do internship in a diner restaurant?

  60. Gemma says:


    I am currently studying a BA in English Language and Literature. It is a part-time degree which will take me 5 years in total. I have already completed 2 years and have gained a Cetificate in Higher Education which is the equivalent of 1 full year of a full time degree. Would I still be eligible for a J1 Internship?

    • admin says:

      Hi Gemma, impossible to say for sure based on just the information you provided, but in all likelihood, you wouldn’t.

  61. rohit dange says:

    Hi , i am Rohit from INDIA want to pursue my third semester hospitality graduation internship program for 6 months in USA starting june 2013, please help me to get J1 visa for 6 months.it will help me a lot for international exposure.please let me know if you can arrange for skyep with some good properties.

  62. Ruairi says:

    I am currently in America on a standard 30 day tourist visa, but now I am interested in staying here and working with an architecture company are interested in hiring me. Is it possible to obtain a J1 visa while being in the US ( I am from England). I have recently graduated Uni so qualify for the J1 Visa status. Also how long can I expect to wait for the Visa as I need it pretty swiftly, if possible.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ruairi, you don’t need any visa when you are already in the USA. Visa is for enterin, read this: How long you can stay and work in the USA on the J1 visa But absolutely consult a qualified immigration attorney on how to proceed! If you recently entered on a different visa and want to change your immigration status so soon, you could be charged with visa fraud. Very careful, stop Googling web posts and talk to a pro.

  63. riaz says:

    i am masters in biology july, 2012.
    also passed Bsc and becholor of education in 1992. i am serving as senior school teacher more than 5 years. i am now 40 years, married and have no kids.
    now i intend to do phd biology from USA. please guide.

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