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Privacy Policy

Emails concerning your participation

Emails are our principal method of communication with you. If you do not wish to receive emails concerning your application, payment, and other issues concerning your program participation, you can not participate.

Program updates

Updates concerning the program you are participating in or applying for, such as changes in certain conditions, deadlines, requirements, fees, etc. will be sent to you, even when they may not be concern your specific situation. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you can not participate.

General updates and news

General news are sent to everybody who creates an account on this web site. Emails with general news are currently sent manually, rather than using an automated newsletter-sending software. This may change in future. Emails with general news contain a statement saying “IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE OUR UPDATES, PLEASE LET US KNOW”.

Phone calls and SMS’s

It is very unusual that we would call you, or would send an SMS. This is usually due to an urgent situation, such as a message from your program provider concerning a sudden change in arrival instructions, reminder to you that you are failing to comply with program regulations and may be cancelled from it, etc.

People who ask for your contact information

It is very common that future participants ask for a contact information for somebody who participated in a given program before, or spent the program in a particular location. If that happens, we do not give such future participants your contact information. Instead, we send you the contact information of the person who asked, and you are free to decide, whether or not you wish to get in touch with them. In short – if somebody asks for your contact, we ask him/her for their contact information instead, and pass that information to you.

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