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Are you an exchange program sponsor, a language school, or a volunteer organization? We want to hear from you!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help young people, especially from lower-income countries, to travel and see the world despite their limited financial resources. This is why we seek primarily programs that allow them to get paid work in their destination country, which helps them cover the cost of the program.

Programs such as Work Travel, Work Study, Work Experience, Working Holiday are prime examples. Volunteer opportunities which offer staying for free in exchange for help, in the way for example http://www.wwoof.org/ does, are a great alternative.

Career Development

Another area of our interest is Career Development in the form of internship programs. Solid good paid internships, where available, are the best. Those that at least offer a stipend towards living expenses, or subsidized accommodation, such as when hospitality interns stay on hotel premises, are also of interest.

Work Study

If your country allows combining study with paid work, this is the absolute best! Programs combining for instance culinary English with hospitality placements, medical English with nursing placements, etc. are the best what can be done for a young person from a developing country.

Language courses

Courses for teachers, hospitality students, law, finance or medical students and other English for Special Purposes courses are of great interest too. ESP greatly enhances one’s ability to function in his or her field in an international environment and helps seek jobs with top international companies.

Marketing your programs

We have created databases of thousands of hotel and culinary schools, nursing schools, and universities and colleges around the world to facilitate marketing of your programs. Since 1996, we also actively use services of former participants to help form correct expectations of programs, through Go4Free.

Services we offer

Promoting your programs, processing program applications, interviewing applicants, collecting program fees. We’ve also organized large logistically challenging events, such as international job fairs. We’ve been offering these services since 1992 and have in-house systems and procedures to do them right. References available.


4 Responses to “For Providers”
  1. enoch says:

    can we promote and market your services in Ghana, http://www.goeducationabroad.com

    • admin says:

      Hello Enoch. Please, send us an email, and explain which programs, including such that we do not necessarily show on our website, could be a good success in Ghana. Thank you.

  2. monika cermakova says:

    good evening,
    I would like to ask you for some information about traineeship. I´m
    just finishing master degree on Czech technical university in Prague
    in Czech Republic (faculty of architecture) and than I want to do
    stage in USA. I found the architecture studio in New York, which want
    to collaborate with me. Can you help me with visa, I´m not sure which type of
    visa I need and if I can get visa, because in that time i ´m not
    student more.
    I´m so sorry for my English and thank you for your help.
    Best regards
    Monika Čermáková

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