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Our Mission: Making youth world travel financially possible

Many young people who dream about traveling around the world, studying foreign languages or doing internships abroad find that those dreams are out of their reach financially. Working in their destination country would help, but most countries prohibit employment of foreigners. Despite of that, most popular destination countries also have special visa provisions, usually based on cultural or educational exchange objectives, that allow young people to hold paid jobs. Our mission is to seek these programs and help young people from all countries take part in them.

What we do

We source the programs, handle the necessary paperwork, and process payments of fees. We do not arrange jobs or accommodation, that’s a part of the programs. Importantly, as experienced worktravelers ourselves, we share our experience, help setting the right expectations, point out both potential joys and caveats and help new applicants get in touch with former participants to help them get even better prepared for the programs.

How you can help

If you find our mission worthwhile and programs we can offer interesting, you can do a few things to help your students find out about the programs. You may put a link to our website at your school’s website, place posters at suitable places at your school, have the information available at your school’s international department, to your school’s career advisor and local student organization. We are also available to come to talk with your students and faculty.

What might interest you

English Teachers

If you wish to improve your teaching skills, compare your methods with colleagues from around the world, or get a Cambridge certificate or diploma, talk to us! Depending on your country of origin, we have EU-finaced courses, courses alongside which you can work to cover your expenses, or combinations with sports and arts to make your stay abroad more enjoyable. Available locations include London, UK, the never sleeping city of New York, or the exotic Cape Town in South Africa!

Teacher Colleges

If you are an official of a university or college, we want to recommend the programs for teachers to your students. A certificate of an international teaching course is an excellent addition to any CV, and whether your students will take such course during their vacations, gap year, or right after graduating, it will immediately improve their chances on the job marker compared with those who lack international experience.

Hotel & Culinary Schools

We can offer your students a range of paid work experience programs in the UK and USA. Being in the work-involving programs business for 20 years, we have the necessary knowledge of the visa requirements to recommend suitable alternative to students from all countries. These program are mostly available for one year, which makes them ideal for students in their gap year, or those who just graduated and want to jazz-up their CV and skill set with international work experience before embarking on their search of a career job. Shorter-term programs are also available although they are more limited, please inquire.

Law and Finance Schools

Besides quality internships available in London, students or graduates with international ambitions will benefit from specialized language courses. English for Law and English for Finance is available in London and New York. Preparation courses for internationally recognized exams such as ILEC and ICFE are available in London.

Exploring the world

But career is not the only thing that students think of. There are those who simply want to travel and try out normal everyday life in their destination country during their vacations or a gap year. Programs for them include Work & Travel USA, Work Experience UK, or short-term work and study combinations in Australia and Canada, or volunteering in South Africa.


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