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Work & Study in Australia

Work and Study participant working as a waiter in Australia

Work & Study in Australia

Duration: 8 to 52 weeks
Season: any
Program Start: Specific dates  (see the “Key Points” panel)
Program Fee: AU$400 + Tuition (see the “Prices” panel)
Age: 18+
Student Status: not required for applying
Participants from: All countries
When to apply: Min 2 months before start
Paid: Yes


Unlike programs that include just the permission to work, the Work & Study program provides a range of services to assist you with finding paid work in Sydney. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to work and study in Australia and practice English in a normal everyday environment.

  • Up to 3 job interviews in the hospitality industry
  • Assistance with building a resume
  • Establishing of a tax file number
  • Work permission (for Student Visa holders)
  • Help getting through all the bureaucracy and paperwork to start working

Job Essentials Courses
Get the qualifications you need to get solid job offers:

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certification
  • Function Service Skills (FSS) Certificate Preparation Course
  • Barista Training – This course offers professional training in espresso coffee making and the fundamentals of business management. A Certificate of Achievement is issued to all successful candidates.

English Classes
You will attend daily Intensive English classes for minimum of 8 weeks and follow a regular timetable from Monday to Friday. After your daily lessons you will attend to your job.

Choose any of the following courses to combine this program with:

Key Points


  • 8 to 52 weeks, your choice

When to apply:

  • At least 2 months prior to your desired program start date.


  • Sydney


  • Intensive English Course – 20 hrs/wk


  • 8:30 am – 12:50 pm or 8:30 am – 2:30 pm

Start dates 2013:

  • 29 Jan, 25 Feb, 25 Mar, 22 Apr, 20 May, 17 Jun, 15 Jul, 12 Aug, 9 Sept, 8 Oct, 4 Nov, 2 Dec, 30 Dec

Australian Public Holidays 2013:

  • 1 Jan, 28 Jan, 29 Mar, 1 Apr, 25 Apr, 10 Jun, 5 Aug, 7 Oct, 25-26 Dec

Christmas & New Years Period:

  • The school remains open during the entire time (24 Dec 2012 – 7 Jan 2013), only closing on the public holidays.
  • School operations & classes runs as usual and students are expected to come to class during that time.

Orientation Day after Arrival:

  • Monday: students arrive at 8:15 AM.
  • Bring: passport and a passport photo.
  • Receive: Student Orientation Book, Sydney Map, CityRail Network Map, Activities Flyers.
  • Interview and written test: to assess your English level.
  • Enrolment agreement and student card: you’ll sign them.
  • Classes start: at 8:30 AM on Tuesday after the Orientation.

Job Placement Service:

  • You are guaranteed up to three job interviews in the hospitality industry.
  • Job interviews will be held in the first 4 weeks of arrival or when a pre-intermediate level of English is attained.
  • You will be matched with employers based on your requests and the employers’ needs and availability.
  • Before the interview, you will be provided with a profile of the employer outlining the hours and tasks the employer would like you to undertake.

Job Placement Acceptance:

  • You are required to complete all contractual documents and return them to the employer within 7 days.
  • Applicants must supply the following to the employer: a copy of the student’s visa, a copy of the passport, a copy of the RSA certificate (if requested), a resume (if requested), bank account details and tax file number.
  • IMPORTANT: The Work & Study program has met its obligations to the participant where three job interviews have been arranged, whether or not a job offer has been made.


  • Average AU$ 12 – 18 per hour


  • Home Stay with Australian families
  • Student Guesthouse
  • Your own-sourced accommodation
  • See the “How it works” panel for more details
  • See the “Prices” panel for the costs


  • You must be insured to participate
  • Student Visa holders have to register with OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), the compulsory Australian student medical insurance.
  • Working Holiday Visa and Work and Holiday Visa holders will have to organise their own medical insurance.
  • Holders of other visas can buy the sponsor-arranged insurance or enclose a proof of their own, in English
  • APEX Foundation does not offer support with insurance

Important: Many insurance policies do not cover work. If you intend to work in Australia, make absolutely sure that your insurance covers any injuries sustained while working!

How it works

How it works
in short

You apply, pay, get your visa and fly to Australia. After you arrive, you start going to school. The school will arrange interviews with employers for you. After you are hired, you go to school in the morning and to work in the afternoon. See also the “Financial Guide” below.

Visa Types
what Visa you can apply for

Student Visa (Subclass 570)
Student Visa holders can study and undertake the Work & Study program for a maximum of 52 weeks, and they are limited to working 20 hours per week. It is important that Student Visa applicants understand that the primary purpose of the Student Visa is to enable students to study, not to work. Therefore, the work they undertake cannot interfere with or take priority over their study. Please check with the Australian embassy nearest you whether you are able to extend your student visa while you are in Sydney or not. Ordinarily AU$ 18,000 is required for 1 year of study.

Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)
Students from Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, HKSAR, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom can apply for this type of visa. This is a 12-month visa, which permits a maximum of 16 weeks of study during the 12 months. The other 9 months allows you to work, however, you can not work for more than 6 months with any one employer. There are no restrictions to the number of working hours allowed.

Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)
This visa is for people from Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and the USA, who want to travel and work for up to 12 months in Australia. This visa allows you to supplement the cost of your holiday through periods of temporary or casual employment. There are no restrictions to the number of working hours allowed.

where you can go

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world (click for pictures). With a population of over 4 million people, Sydney has all the excitement of a big city but is surrounded by beaches and mountains. The relaxed lifestyle of Australians and the natural beauty of the country make Sydney a perfect destination for a young international traveler wishing to study English while enjoying life in a far-away country!

which one to choose

Many people don’t realize that accommodation cost about the same, if not more, than the program itself! This holds true in Australia, as well as in the UK and USA and other places. Choosing the right accommodation option is therefore an important decision.

This program can offer you a wide range of accommodation from self-catering student guesthouse to a full-board homestay with an Australian family. You are, of course, free to arrange your own accommodation too.

Home Stay – the best for learning

Home Stay with a local family is the best choice for learning a language! You will be talking with the family members in the morning as you get up, during breakfast and then in the evening. This is not like talking in a class at school! You will really practice your language skills, pick up new words and listen to the correct accent.

Homestay families live in houses, apartments or semi detached houses. Majority of the families live 30-50 minutes away from the language center.

Home Stay accommodation is available as Half-Board, which includes both breakfast and dinner (+ 3 meals on the weekends), No Meals with use of kitchen facilities (schedule arranged by family) or Twin Share, which is a private room shared with a travelling companion, breakfast and dinner and 3 meals on the weekends. For simplicity, we are only showing prices of HB and No Meals, please ask about the remaining options.

Student Guesthouse

Student guesthouses are great for enjoying the company of your peers from many other countries of the world. This is ideal for a casual learner who doesn’t mind listening to equally imperfect English of his or her companions. Each residence contains a range of rooms, all with wireless Internet, TV and DVD or VCR player and wardrobe space, as well as a courtyard area and a fully equipped kitchen. Every one of these guesthouses has its own unique trait.

Self-Arranged Accommodation

You are free to arrange your own accommodation. Maybe you have friends or relatives who live in Sydney with whom you can stay for free. Or perhaps you are applying as a group of friends and will rent a cheap apartment together.

A common strategy of students on budget is to pay for two or three weeks of the accommodation arranged by the program to have a place to stay after their arrival, and find a cheaper roomshare during this period.

Financial Guide
how much it will all cost

This is not a promise! This is a guide intended to give you a general idea about some of the numbers. Your own experience may be different! We use the Australian Minimum Wage in our calculations, you may make more money than that. You may also be able to live more cheaply, for instance if you find yourself a roomshare with other students.

Let’s have a look at these two example scenarios:


Visa: Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417), or Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462)
Duration: 3 months of school (or about 12 weeks of school), 9 months of work (or about 36 weeks of work)
Course: Intensive, 20 hr/wk @ AU$290/wk
Placement Fee: AU$400
Accommodation: HomeStay single room @ AU$190/wk
Work: 40 hrs/wk @ AU$15.51/hr

52 weeks of accommodation = – AU$9,880
12 weeks of school = -AU$3,480
Placement Fee = -AU$400
36 weeks of work = +AU$22,334

Under this scenario, you will be left with AU$8,574 to cover your other expenses, having fun in Australia and bringing some money back.


Visa: Student Visa (subclass 570)
Duration: 6 months, about 25 weeks
Course: Intensive, 20 hr/wk @ AU$280/wk
Placement Fee: AU$400
Accommodation 1: HomeStay single room @ AU$190/wk for the first 4 weeks
Accommodation 2: A found roomshare @ AU$ 100 for the rest of the course
Work: 20 hrs/wk @ AU$15.51/hr

Your accommodation cost will be: (AU$190 * 4) + (AU$100 * 22) = AU$2,960
25 weeks of school = AU$280 * 25 weeks = AU$7,000
Placement Fee= -AU$400
25 weeks of work  = AU$15.51 * 20 hours * 25 weeks = AU$7,755

Under this scenario, half year of quality language school and accommodation with one meal per day in Australia will cost you AU$2,605.

Comment: With the Intensive course, 20 hours of classes means just 4 hours of school every day. Even with having to prepare for the next day’s classes, this leaves you enough time for part-time work.

Try more scenarios and cost/income combinations yourself. All prices are shown on the “Prices” panel.


Age: Min 18
Student status: not required for applying
Experience: not needed
Required languages: English
Required level: From Pre-Intermediate*
Nationality: Nationals of all countries are eligible
Type of visa: Student Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Work and Holiday Visa

*If you do not reach the level, you will be required to take 2-4 weeks of Intensive General English (at an additional cost) before starting the program.


  • All fees are subject to change without notice.
  • All bank transfer fees are always born by the participant.
  • If paying by bank transfer $30 should be added to invoice total in order to cover bank charges.
Application Processing Fee: AU$0
  • Included in your English course fees
  • Processing your program application
  • Processing your payment to the program sponsor
  • Transferring materials and communication between you and your program sponsor until your departure for Australia
  • Responding to your email questions until your departure for Australia
  • Check APEX Foundation Terms & Conditions for more details
Program Fee: AU$400*
  • Enrollment on the programme
  • Pre-enrolment entry test, evaluation and class placement
  • Up to 3 job interviews in the hospitality industry
  • Assistance with building a resume
  • Establishing of a tax file number
  • Work permission (for Student Visa holders)
  • Job formalities
  • Other information related to working in Australia
  • Monitoring and support throughout the placement (24-hour emergency student support)

*Please add the costs of at least 8 weeks of the the intensive General English or Business English course.

Insurance: AU$42/month
only applies to Student Visa holders
  • Student Visa Holders must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • The program sponsor can arrange this for you
  • Holders of other visas can buy the sponsor-arranged insurance or enclose a proof of their own
  • See “Key Points” for more details
prices in AU$ per week

Single room HB Single room Twin room HB* Twin room Triple Room HB Triple Room
HomeStay 250** 190** 220** n/a n/a n/a
Student Guesthouse n/a 275*** n/a 185*** n/a 150***

* must be booked by two students travelling together
** minimum 2 weeks
***minimum 4 weeks

Accommodation Placement Fee: AU$200
One-time charge for booking the accommodation you selected.

Accommodation change after placement: AU$100
If you wish to change your accommodation and want the new one be arranged by the program sponsor.

Arrival Transfer*
  • Transfer between Sydney Airport and your accommodation
  • Arrival: AU$110
  • Departure: AU$70

*It is your responsibility to inform us of your arrival details minimum 14 working days prior to the transfer! Failing this, the transfer may not be provided as requested/paid. Arrival details include: arrival date, arrival airport, the airline, flight number and arrival time.

Miscellaneous Fees
not everybody pays them
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certification: AU$80
  • Function Service Skills (FSS) Certificate Preparation Course: AU$90
  • Barista Training: AU$90
Cancellations & Refunds
if you have to cancel
  • The Application Processing Fee is not refundable
  • The Accommodation Placement Fee is not refundable
  • Visa denial: Full refund of the Program Fee
  • Cancellation by participant at any stage: No refund
  • No job offer after 3 job interviews: No refund
  • If the participant rejects a job offer after succesful job interview: No refund
  • Instructions for transfer of the refund, regardless of the payment method, are used exactly as supplied by the participant. APEX International, LLC. bears no responsibility if the instructions are incorrect, incomplete or not understandable by any bank or other institution involved in transferring the funds. Bank fees plus $50 is charged if transfer of the refund must be repeated.

How to Apply

The procedure:
  1. We email you a PDF application form and pre-enrollment English test form.
  2. Fill it out, pay the Application Processing Fee and email the PDFs back to us, we will check that everything is done correctly.
  3. If everything is done correctly, we will ask you to send us the hard copies by mail.
  4. Once your application is accepted you will get instructions for payment of the Program Fee/Tuition.
  5. We send your materials and payment over to the program sponsor.
  6. You will receive a Letter of Acceptance from the program sponsor.
  7. If you are applying for the Student Visa, you will also receive your e-CoE (Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment form).
  8. Apply for your visa.
  9. Arrange your flight and give us your detailed arrival information.
  10. Arrival Instructions are sent to you.
  11. After arrival in Sydney, you will travel to your accommodation.
  12. On the first day (Monday) at 8:15 am the orientation will start.

It’s best to apply at least 2 months prior to your planned departure. Check with your local Australian embassy how long it will take you to get the your visa.

*The test hast to be completed hand-written.


Can I apply with a friend?

Yes. Even groups of friends are welcome!

Can I select a location for my course?

No. This school is located Sydney.

I am from – insert your country – can I participate?

Yes. The program is available to applicants from all countries.

What job placements are available?

Hospitality placements, i.e. fast food, restaurants, cafes, and the like

What wage I can expect?

Most students make between AU$12 and AU$18 per hour.

Can I choose my employer?

No. You will be placed with the first employer that accepts you after interviewing you.

Am I guaranteed a job placement?

No. You are guaranteed up to 3 interviews with employers. You must impress your prospective employer in order to land a job.

Can I work in the Australia alongside this course?

Yes.  You have to have either Student VisaWorking Holiday Visa or Work and Holiday Visa.

I am currently not a student, can I participate?

Yes. This course is opened for everybody.

Can the program pay for itself?

Possibly. See “Financial Guide” on the “How it works” panel.



77 Responses to “Work & Study in Australia”
  1. Vassilis Vlahos says:

    If something goes wrong during the lessons, like, i don’t have enough money.
    What are you going to do?

    • admin says:

      Hi Vassilis, I’m not sure if I understand your question right. But you pay for the entire program, insurance and your accommodation up front. Also, to get Australian visa, you need to show that you have enough money to support yourself even without working while in Australia. Is this what you asked about?

  2. Jean Benio LAfortune says:

    Hi; I would like to know how much money do i need to have to admit in your program? I mean after i paid for the visa process. thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jean, the overall cost with consist of the following components: Registration Fee, Program Fee for the “Work” part of the Work & Study program, course placement fee and tuition for the study part, and possibly accommodation and insurance. Since your English is already quite solid, we would recommend you either the Business English course, which goes way beyond teaching you just the language, or perhaps IELTS Exam preparation, if you plan to study a university abroad. Of course, you can take just the General English course too. See the links for details about the courses. The tuition will then depend on the course type and number of weeks that you want to take it for. You may also choose to book an accommodation in Sydney, or even a pickup at the airport. So for example, if you would take the General English course for 25 weeks (about 6 months), you will pay US$50 Registration Fee + AU$400 Work Study Program Fee + AU$200 Course placement fee + AU$210 Study Materials fee + 25 times AU$280 tuition = AU$7,860 (the US$ is now about equal to the AU$). Depending on your visa, you may also be required by law to purchase the OSHC insurance, which costs AU$40 per week, which would be AU$1,000. If you’d like to book accommodation arranged by the school, the cheapest costs AU$150 per week, which means AU$3,750 for the 25 weeks. So if you need both the insurance and the accommodation, you are looking at about AU$12,610.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Hi, I was interenting in any travel to any English speaker country, to work, to study, or whatever. The problem is that I’m 14 years old.
    Have you got any enteristing activities for me? or, do you know any company who can help me?
    Thank you a lot.

    • admin says:

      Hi Alexandra! You certainly are an adventurous young lady :-) We do normally stay away from dealing with people who are not legally considered adults, that’s usually 18 years of age. Which is why we do not show any programs for people like you on our website. But the programs certainly do exist! And many are seriously great. And as you can imagine, for the comfort of your parents, they do include for instance guardianship, i.e. somebody who takes care of you. May I ask you which country you are from and if the UK would be a place where you would like to travel to? Also, do you mean a program for summer vacations? Or something longer than that?

  4. Millyta Montolalu says:

    I really want to go to Australia for improving my English. Do I have to pay all the fees for 6 months in advance? or I can pay it per week. Could you list about costs that should I pay in advance? Thank you so much..

  5. Dear

    I have applicant interested to work in Australia he is 45 years old can be accepted in the program?

    • admin says:

      Hi Johnson, sure! Just choose which language course you want to combine it with. Also, keep in mind that the maximum you can work per week is 20 hours.

  6. Agyei Mensah says:

    I am a Ghanaian (level 300) college student offering Bachelor of Arts in English Education. I would like to know how much it will cost me if I spend 3 months (from June to August) in Australia as work and study. I am 31 years of age. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Agyei, for the Work & Study program, please scroll up and click on the “Prices” tab. For the study part, select which language course you’d like to take and once again, go to the “Prices” tab. The total cost will be the W&S program fee, plus the language course tuition, plus accommodation, plus other smaller charges listed in the “Prices” sections, such as insurance, study materials, etc. So select which course you’d like to take and start from there.

  7. maurich says:

    Comment removed. Please use English for commenting.

    • maurich says:

      yes from Indonesia .. please advise, I want to study English because of my bad english. approximately how long effective programs for English language study, especially for those who are still very minimal language? how much money should I spend? is there an office in Jakarta who can I contact

      • admin says:

        Hello maurich, the school accepts complete beginners. You must know enough English to: complete the application, make the payment, arrive to the school. How long to study – depends on how good you want to become. For normal conversation – probably 6 months to 1 year. If starting from beginner. No office needed, everything is sent by email.

  8. David says:

    Dear Admin

    What is the minimum number of weeks I should a buy to get a work permit part time?
    Are there any restrictions on work visa part-time holder’s when choosing work position?
    (example) can I as a student if I get an acceptable offer for the combination of work and study to get a job as an engineer designer?

    Best regards

    • admin says:

      Dear David, there is no “work permit”. If you are in Australia on the Student Visa, you are automatically allowed to work up to 20 hours per week. In other words, choose a language course that you’d like to take, for how long you’d like to take it, and you’ll be free to find yourself an engineering job for up to 20 hours per week alongside your course. For this, you don’t need to buy the Work & Study program. What the Work & Study program does is 1. Help with paperwork. 2. Arrange students 3 interviews in the hospitality industry.

  9. David says:

    Dear Admin

    Thanks alot for the easily understood and quick response, I am seriously considering to take the IELTS course.

    • admin says:

      Dear David, simply let us know how many points you need (universities usually require a specific minimum number of points to enroll a student). Then we’ll do a test to see where you are now, and will suggest you the number of weeks you’ll need. We will send you the application and the tests as soon as you ask.

  10. Anna says:

    HI, i’m from Armenia, i want to know can i go to Australia for working there??and how much it will cost?

  11. Anna says:

    sorry actually i want to know how much the visa will cost, can you help me?

    • admin says:

      Hi Anna, there’s a huge number of Australian visas and the cost of each is different. Best to contact your nearest Australian embassy and ask. Normal student visa (subclass 570) however costs AU$535 and you’ll pay additional AU$70 if you want the permission to work attached to your visa. You payd these charges directly to the Australian government, they have nothing to do with your program fees.

  12. Vytautas says:

    Hi, I would like to work in Australia. Knowledgeable in the field of telecommunications,cell phone tower construction, antenna installation. I heard that they do not have a lot of people in this area. As a former United States, Lithuania and now works in Germany. Where do I find work in Australia aplications? And I know that the employer receive visa for me .Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Vytautas, this program places language students in hospitality jobs to help them cover living costs while they are studying English.

  13. nazmi ogreni says:

    Comment removed. Please use English when commenting.

  14. DALAKAS TRYFON says:

    My name is Tryfon Dalakas and I am very interested in finding a General English Course in Australia I am an experienced engineer Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor (9 years in a cement factory and 5 years in construction sites).
    I speak very little English, I can read and understand.
    I’m married and interested in a program of study along with work for one year.
    I would like information on student visa, cost of studies for one year.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Tryfon Dalakas

    • admin says:

      Hi Tryfon! It’s an excellent idea to spend a period of time in an English-speaking country when you basically know the language and just need to practice. This is the case of many engineers and it makes you an excellent candidate! Please check your email for our extensive reply.

  15. Prashanth bogineni says:

    Hi There,
    First I would like to Introduce Myself I’m Prashanth Bogineni, I’m from India. I,m really much interested to coming to Australia as this certain English program. I’m really want to improve my English language skills.
    could you help me wether I’m eligible or not. and any particular requirements should i need please kindly help me.
    I’m look forward to see you for your kind Information.

  16. paolo says:

    my son is presently is attending a 3 months school exchange program in the Melbourne area.

    he would like to go back to improve his english next year possibly for 3 months starting june 2013.
    is it possible to combine some job to cut the expenses ?
    may you offer a course to get the FCE / proficiency or Ielts certificate ?
    what would be the cost for 12 weeks to satrt from beg of June ?
    thanks in advance

  17. shahnawaz says:

    Hi, does this program mean I will learn english and have work visa to work in any sector with no 40 hr time restriction?

    • admin says:

      Hi shahnawaz, no, it’s 20 hours and the restriction is your school schedule. If you don’t attend school as required, you break the conditions of your visa. Also, the jobs are available in hospitality as shown in the program description.

  18. Ajay says:

    Hello, I am from India. I want to know what opportunities are there if someone wants to get a full time job after the completion of this course?

  19. kylee says:

    hi sir,

    I would like to work and study as well in Australia. i was wondering how to look for sponsor/scholarship. so if sir could help me out.

  20. Alla says:

    Hi, dear admin!

    I’m from Russia and i wanted to ask if I qualify for any of the visas available in this program (just didn’t find any mentioning of russia))))) Is it possible for me to get the subclass 462 visa? I have some experience in hospitality and my English is fine) so it would be great to work in Australia for one year, or whatever period is possible

  21. Nikki says:

    Good day sir,
    Im a makeup artist from the Philippines who wants to pursue further studies in Australia. Would this program help me get a part time job related to the course that I’m going to take (Diploma in Makeup services)? Is it possible to have a guaranteed job placement before getting there?

    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Dear Nikki, sadly, the answers are no and no. This is a program for people who want to study English in Australia, not for job-seekers. It allows the students to practice their English and helps them reduce the overall cost of the course. The placements are available in hospitality and the program guarantees up to three interviews – not the actual placement! However, seeing that you are from the Philippines, and thus eligible for the US H2B visa, let me tell you that we are working on a project to place foreign nationals in hospitality jobs in the USA. If you are interested, email us, we’ll put you on our list of “interested”.

  22. Anthony says:

    I am very interested in applying for this program. I have a couple questions. What if you are already extensive in the english language, being that I am from the USA. Would i still have to take the english course? or would i simply go straight into looking for a job?

  23. Raj says:

    Dear sir/madam
    Iam raj and iam from India intrested in
    Work & Study in Australia this program
    For 52 week how much it cost me ,I have
    Sam hospitality experience in the Uk (London)
    I was in uk past 2years as a student so
    I would like to come to Australia .

  24. yoyo says:

    Dear Sir,

    i am very interested in working in australia and would like to continue my studies too. what are the procedure so i would be thankful if sir/madam could help me out.

    Thank You.

  25. Dambisa says:

    Hi, I am 30 yr old South African did not pass matric, have worked in the hospitality industry for more than 5 years as a waitress/hostess, housekeeping assistant, would like to be in this program work and study because I would like have a qualification at some point.

  26. Khanyisile says:

    Hi I would also like to be in this program with my sister Dambisa, I have done and passed my matric in 2012, I will 20 yrs old in October 2013, I have done consumer studies, economics and business economics since Grade 10 and would love to get a qualification in hospitality or in business studies.

    If we apply together with my sister will we get a discount.

  27. DAVID O. CHINEDU says:

    Hello Admin, i wish to apply for work and study in Australia. I have Bsc in Marketing and currently in Mauritius Island for ACCA. Kindly advice me on how to apply for an internship course in your institution, thanks.
    Nationality: Nigerian.

  28. bs rathore says:

    i am from india which visa require for me , in study and work programme?

  29. Umenjoh Alain says:

    Goodday sir/madam , I am a Cameroonian citizen and I wish to carryout my university studies in Austrialia, I wish to have what it is going to cost me, that is the total cost of the entire program( Tution fees, feeding housing, Insurance , clothing)

    • admin says:

      Hello Umenjoh Alain, unfortunately, we don’t offer university study in Australia at this time. Only programs listed here http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/all-by-country/ can be booked.

      • Umenjoh says:

        I am Interested in this course Business English Course in Australia, so how much will it cost me and if I may know is accountancy a part of the course, thanks

        • admin says:

          Hello Umenjoh, the Business English Course is not aimed specifically at accounting, although it being a business English course, you will encounter accounting terms as it progresses. If you wish to take a course focused specifically on accounting and finance, take a look at this one instead: http://www.apex-foundation.org/english-for-finance-course/ To be able to tell you how much the course will cost you, you need to tell us how long you wish to take it for, if you want the Intensive or Super-Intensive variant, and what kind of accommodation you have chosen. Take a look at the “Prices” panel to explore your options.

  30. David says:

    Dear Admin ,

    To obtain a visa 570 I have to provide proof of financial solvency in the amount of AUD18 610 per year, the amount includes payment for accommodation or do I need to provide additional evidence for lodging?

    • admin says:

      Hello David, yes, the amount does include accommodation. In fact, if you scroll all the way down on the page that you linked, you will find out that if you pre-pay accommodation, which is the case of most language students (see the “Prices” panel in the program descriptions), you can deduct the amount you have paid for your accommodation from the total required amount. For example, if you want to come for about half a year, say 25 weeks, and you pay AUD 130/week for accommodation, you will be required to show: AUD 18,610 / 52 weeks = AUD 358 * 25 weeks = AUD 8,947, less prepaid accommodation AUD 130 * 25 = AUD 3,250 for the grand total of AUD 5,697. Still, you don’t need too worry much about the “money to show”. It’s not a cost, in the sense that you don’t have to spend them! You just have to have them available. So for instance your parents can deposit the money to your account. What you spend or don’t spend is another matter.

      • David says:

        Thank you Sir for the explanation
        but in my country embassy asked to present a letter from the bank with the seal of the general manager as evidence and I have any questions, if I buy a course length of 45 weeks, I will be given a visa for more than two months, how do I calculate correctly, what should I scrip open from the deposit account, simply does not make sense to keep my money on everyday account,

        Any way Thank you very much.

        • admin says:

          Hello David, while the minimum required amounts needed to apply for the visa are the same for everybody, individual embassies, and sometimes even individual consuls, have specific approaches as to how to prove that you actually posses the funds. So you need to ask the embassy about their requirements regarding the type of account you can use. Also, be prepared for them to ask you to show the source of the funds, this is required in some cases/regions.

  31. MK says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am Italian/lebanese , 41 y.o , i have a diploma in hotel management , i would like to study & work in Australia , i am interested in ( Accounting in Hospitality), please let me know how to apply , where & when?.

    Thank you.

  32. Leonard says:

    I am from nigeria how much will it cost me for a 1year course, Accommodation, tuition, feeding, and every cost and is it a guarantee I must get a work in food service or hospitality

  33. Velle says:

    Dear admin. I am from Malaysia. May I ask about the fees? AU$400 is not including the accommodation fees? So i will have to pay for the accommodation? I don’t really clear about the fees. and one more thing, I should apply for Working and Holiday Visa or Student Visa because I have just graduated from high school, am 19 years old.

  34. Moustapha says:


    I am from Haiti, had a background in Agronomy and Economy and I am very interested in your Business English program (work + study) for one year. Have you got program suitable to my desire and my condition? If so, tell me about the process to be admitted. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Moustapha, you are making an excellent choice! The Business English program combined with this Work & Study. The Business English program is a 15-week program though. So if you wish to spend the whole year in Australia, you could book the General English Australia program for 37 weeks and the Business English for the remaining 15 weeks. That would work just great. BTW, depending on your financial situation, it is also possible to take an internship in Australia alongside your study. They are great, but unpaid, which is why we don’t list them on the website. So what you could do, is to take 37 weeks of General English, then 15 weeks of Business English. Do the Work & Study all along up until, say 47th week, and then do the internship in your career field alongside your course for the remaining month. Sounds fabulous! More in email..

  35. Tushar says:

    Hello,Im from india. Im interested in masters program in australia in IT field.. Now i want to know how much can i earn per month during study time.?Is it sufficient to cover my tution fees and living expenses? I how much would be my tution fees? also have driving licence.

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