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Work Travel Programs

  • This category lists programs that allow you to work and get paid in your destination country.
  • Their purpose is to let you experience the adventure of living in a foreign country for a while.
  • The programs are run by sponsors designated by governments of the destination countries.

Work Travel programs are for people who don’t have the money to travel around the world as tourists, but are determined to explore it anyway.

One USA consul put it nicely when he said: “these programs let you have a fun summer abroad and maybe make a dollar or two”.

And a recent French participant of the UK Level 2 Work Experience program concluded “If you’re looking for adventure and are not afraid of hard work, a work experience placement is for you!”

You may be a student from a low-income country and want to work-travel to pay for your trip. Or you may be from western Europe and just consider it more fun to work in summer in Colorado than in Cologne. Working vacations are an experience, especially if it’s your first big trip abroad on your own.

It will change you. We know you think it’s a nonsense now. But after you come back, you will say that it changed you, and nobody will believe you either :-)

So whether you dream of selling burgers near Grand Canyon, working in a pub in Nottingham or picking apples in New Zealand, welcome on board!


8 Responses to “Work Travel Programs”
  1. Mence Cvetkoska says:

    Hello !
    My name is Mence Cvetkoska and I want to travel and explore the world but there is a problem I don’t study
    So my question is there a option to apply for any job

  2. Javid says:

    My name is Javid and I am living in UK. I want to use work and travel program and get an job experience, improve my abilities, visiting different places. I am studying in high school and doing A level for University. I am 19. I have travel document. Can I join to this program for 2013? If so, which requirements do I need to do?


    • admin says:

      Hello Javid, the law requires that you are a full-time tertiary student in order to be eligible for the Work & Travel visa. So if you start your university in the fall of 2012, then yes, you can apply for summer 2013!

  3. Tseka says:

    Hell hello my name is altantsetseg. I am a international student in USA. I am first year in college 21 years old. Can i join to work and travel UK 2013 summer programm? Whch requirenments should i need to do?

    • admin says:

      Hello altantsetseg, I’m sorry, you’re not eligible. Only students studying outside the USA can apply. This is because the USA doesn’t allow work & study programs and this would be an easy way to circumvent that. For everybody else – if you are considering studying abroad and you’d like to work alongside your studies, choose the UK, South Africa, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, but not the USA.

  4. fresh says:

    hi i want to study and work but not to study english are there any other work and study program available?

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